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The Relationship between PrEP and STIs isn’t complex its obvious

By | 29th January 2022

The gay ill health non-experts sold PrEP to HIV negative men as “sex without fear”. It’s a laughable but dangerous message that was sent out to gay men and highly disingenuous. It was part of their bareback agenda to erase condoms from all sexual health messaging. Sexual health does not end with taking a PrEP… Read More »

Ticking the boxes

By | 27th May 2019

* Previous irrational shame – TICK * Previous irrational fear – TICK * Misplaced feeling of being in control – TICK * Misplaced feeling of liberation – TICK * Condoms not mentioned – TICK Is the man using condoms? We don’t know because of course as usual they aren’t mentioned. If he is then why… Read More »

Testing won’t save you from HIV or STI infection. A condom will

By | 3rd March 2019

If you read the countless tweets and articles produced by the gay (ill)health sector you would be forgiven for thinking that HIV and STIs can be avoided, or driven down, by testing for them every 3 months or so. Syphilis and gonorrhea are at epidemic levels, last seen in the 1940s before antibiotics were discovered… Read More »

Video illustrates why San Francisco could once again be the starting point for a pandemic amongst gay men

By | 4th December 2018

17,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking PrEP in San Francisco, that’s 37%, according to this video. And you can bet that hardly any of them are using condoms. In fact condoms aren’t mentioned once in the video (agenda revealed). But no surprise there, as its from the website Prepster. Using PrEP… Read More »

Video seminars about HIV and STIs amongst gay men by a Infectious Disease and Sexual Health Consultant

By | 17th October 2018

If you’re a Man who has Sex with Men (MSM) and you really want to know what is going on when it comes to sexual health we highly recommend the following video seminars which have just been published by the New Zealand organisation PHARMAC. HIV Update Dr Massimo Giola, an Infectious Disease and Sexual Health… Read More »

STIs don’t care about the gay (ill) health sector “sex without fear” bareback equality agenda

By | 4th August 2018

The gay (ill) health (un)professionals are like a broken record, pushing a bizarre narrative that is crumbling around them in the face of shocking facts, statistics and downright common sense. Amazingly they are still going for the “sex without fear” buzzphrase. Suggesting that gay men no longer have to worry about their sexual health and… Read More »

Barebackers share heartless Grindr messages they’ve received from condom users

By | 21st July 2018

A bareback user of dating app Grindr has shared the heartless message he received yesterday from another user, rejecting him because he struggles to use a condom. Tony Fakename is a member of the Manchester branch of Cockaholics Anonymous. He shared a screenshot of the message to his Facebook, where it has been shared dozens… Read More »

PrEP side effects and other STIs highlights condoms keep you healthy

By | 26th April 2018

The gay (ill) health organisations in their push to get the gay community to convert from condom use to PrEP to supposedly “end HIV” have ignored all other health issues that come with abandoning condom use. As many of these PrEP advocates are HIV positive they see no problem in promoting PrEP to mass medicate… Read More »

Gay men who have unprotected sex with random partners are reckless, they are NOT victims

By | 25th March 2018

Everyone’s a victim these days. The gay organisations love to portray us in this way. The more “problems” they can identify, and the more “victims” they can find who need their dubious “help”, the greater the funding they can grab. The idea is to secure their own jobs and their progress up the gay charity sector… Read More »