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“Gay Shame” What’s that all about?

By | 11th July 2021

“Gay shame” is the new ideologically driven narrative the gay ill health sector is pushing onto the gay community. It stems from a 2005 book “The Velvet Rage” by Alan Downs. In it Downs explores “gay shame” by interviewing a number (not many) of gay men. The idea is that we are all suffering from… Read More »

COVID-19 evaporates the gay ill health woke ideology

By | 22nd March 2020

Advice can change quite rapidly in the wacky world of the gay ill health sector. One minute you are being told to be a fabulous barebacking slut on PrEP the next you are being told not to kiss and have a phone wank. The sector is now in utter crisis after years of destroying the… Read More »

Articles about the gay community and drugs and bugchasing

By | 3rd May 2018

Two interesting articles from GayStarNews: The gay community has to get over its unhealthy addiction to drugs. What has gay culture become if men are choosing to become infected with HIV? Isn’t it odd that after all this “liberation” we seem to have far more problems, unhappiness and damaging behaviour in the gay “community” than… Read More »

Study shows that the negative partner becoming positive isn’t the only danger in bareback-focused discordant relationships

By | 19th December 2017

Ten gay men became infected with HIV during the Danish PARTNER study. The research looked at discordant gay couples (where one is HIV+ and one is negative) . But, interestingly, when the strains of HIV were analysed, it was found that none of them had contracted HIV from their positive partner. They had been infected… Read More »

Chemsex barebackers are the disease spreaders

By | 4th September 2017

It’s best to avoid the Chemsex barebacker for a whole host of reasons: mental health issues, self harming, aggressive manipulative tendencies, but above all the high risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease. Step outside the buzzword bonanza of the gay (ill)health organisations and their non judgemental no slut shaming nonsense and you get a… Read More »

Bug chasing and gift giving is what PrEP is all about

By | 4th March 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations have always dismissed bug chasing and gift giving as an “urban myth”. It clearly isn’t and it is tied very much into the PrEP/bareback agenda which is being promoted to the gay community. As we have previously said unprotected bareback sex is very different in the gay community compared to the… Read More »

The gathering storm which poses a threat to all gay and bi men

By | 18th February 2017

At no time in history have so many gay and bi men been having so much risky and extreme sex. We think it could well bring another health crisis to our community. Could that be as disasterous as HIV/AIDS? We have to wait and see. Already we’re seeing cases of men who have been infected… Read More »

PrEP will bring the mentally ill self harming gay flake out of the “bareback closet”

By | 4th December 2016

NHS England estimate at the moment there are 10,000 “high risk”with mental health issues barebacking in the gay community who are spreading numerous diseases and just don’t care! A scary statistic which reveals the complete failings of the gay (ill)health organisations to promote safe sex strategies. A very simple message “WEAR A CONDOM” was too… Read More »