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Putting on a brave face – The tragedy of the bareback agenda

By | 24th March 2019

We have this week yet another story of PrEP failure. As always the gay ill health sector are putting on a brave face and spinning that, in reality, it’s good news and that thousands of gay men are being “protected” from HIV by taking PrEP. As always the message is they don’t care if you… Read More »

Don’t Die of Ignorance II – the sequel

By | 22nd October 2017

In 1983 some of us watched a Horizon programme on BBC2. Called “Killer In the Village“, it was about a mysterious illness that was killing gay men in New York and San Francisco. To some of us in the UK it was apparent immediately that, whatever this was, it was unlikely to stay only in… Read More »

HIV resistance to medication

By | 15th August 2017

It’s important to remember that HIV is an ever mutating virus, it doesn’t stand still. The gay (ill)health organisations would have you believe PrEP is like the female contraceptive pill but for gay men against HIV. This is too simplistic and misleading. Consider it more like antibiotics against other STIs, they eventually fail as the… Read More »