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Bareback “Love” Island : Holiday PrEP – a dangerous and crazy idea from the gay ill health charities

By | 6th July 2018

The gay ill health charities will try anything to get you on PrEP and come up with weird and wacky PrEP regimes which have not been tested in trials but they come up with them anyway and make them seem legitimate. The latest one is “Holiday PrEP” where you take PrEP 7-7-7. Sounds scientific doesn’t… Read More »

Judging is normal, good and keeps you safe

By | 24th October 2017

A favourite hobby horse for the gay (ill)health organisations and their gay media cronies is that we shouldn’t be “judgmental.” In this article we’re going to explain why falling for that could seriously mess up your life and put you in danger. We’re going to give you some advice which the gay organisations and media… Read More »

Are gay men who are on the “scene” and visible in the public eye now mainly those who are extremely ill at ease with their sexuality?

By | 7th October 2017

As we wrote in an article earlier today, in the 1970s, 80s and early 90s, being a gay man was all about accepting and celebrating the fact that you were different. We were “glad to be gay.” It wasn’t about trying to live the same lifestyle as “straights.” Craving that would have been seen as… Read More »