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“Gay Shame” What’s that all about?

By | 11th July 2021

“Gay shame” is the new ideologically driven narrative the gay ill health sector is pushing onto the gay community. It stems from a 2005 book “The Velvet Rage” by Alan Downs. In it Downs explores “gay shame” by interviewing a number (not many) of gay men. The idea is that we are all suffering from… Read More »

PrEP is for the self harming depressed bugchaser suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder

By | 14th August 2017

PrEP/bareback enthusiasts would have you believe that unprotected “condomless” sex is somehow a liberating experience where you can experience “intimacy” and “pleasure” with multiple gay men. In fact it is completely the opposite. PrEP is for the self harming depressed bugchaser who is suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder in a cycle of self destructive… Read More »

Bareback propaganda in the USA is constant. Stand by for more of the same in the UK

By | 10th August 2017

You will see many campaigns by the gay (ill)health charities about how they want to “destigmatise” HIV. They would have you believe it’s just about treating HIV positive gay men with respect, support and kindness. Noble aims. However the real agenda behind this is to “destigmatise” barebacking, validate it and glorify it as a legitmate… Read More »

PrEP will bring the mentally ill self harming gay flake out of the “bareback closet”

By | 4th December 2016

NHS England estimate at the moment there are 10,000 “high risk”with mental health issues barebacking in the gay community who are spreading numerous diseases and just don’t care! A scary statistic which reveals the complete failings of the gay (ill)health organisations to promote safe sex strategies. A very simple message “WEAR A CONDOM” was too… Read More »

Dens of Depravity – the true problem gay charities refuse to face in the fight against HIV

By | 3rd December 2016

We have said it before and we will say it again, taking PrEP is a sign of a gay man who has severe mental health issues. A self harmer, who has low self esteem, feels his life is worthless and is self deceiving himself that barebacking gives an intimate pleasurable connection with his gay brothers.… Read More »