PrEP is for the self harming depressed bugchaser suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder

By | 14th August 2017

PrEP/bareback enthusiasts would have you believe that unprotected “condomless” sex is somehow a liberating experience where you can experience “intimacy” and “pleasure” with multiple gay men. In fact it is completely the opposite.

PrEP is for the self harming depressed bugchaser who is suffering from an obsessive compulsive disorder in a cycle of self destructive behaviours. They are suffering from a mental illness, many are also chemsex addicts who are in denial that their drug taking is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with.

Again they are delusional and talk about a “bareback community” a “chemsex community”. You cannot have a community of self harm where individuals do not care about the well being of another. Watch from 13 mins.

UPDATE: Notice how they have deleted this video from youtube as they censor any mention of bugchasing as a thing in the gay community. It’s the truth they are trying to hide in the push for PrEP and getting you barebacking in a cesspool of disease.

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