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“Self stigma” Why the gay ill health sector won’t promote condoms

By | 16th October 2020

You will have seen over the past few years several campaigns from the gay ill health sector. Focusing on testing, U=U and of course PrEP. As always “HIV stigma” is thrown into the mix. However don’t you find it odd in the fight to “prevent” and “tackle” HIV that condoms are never mentioned or if… Read More »

The PrEP Impact Trial – what the news and PrEPsters aren’t telling you

By | 24th January 2019

Reading the news and Tweets from fanatical PrEPsters you might think that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial is a great success. That we’re well on the way to “ending HIV” as they like to claim. News reports and politicians tell us that “many” clinics are now full for gay men. Ten days ago NHS England… Read More »

How the PrEPsters lost the argument

By | 24th July 2018

“I believe we HAVE won” said one of the UK’s most notorious PrEP and “U=U” advocates at the AIDS2018 conference, which has been happening in Amsterdam over the last couple of days. We disagree. The PrEPsters are putting on a brave act as cracks began to appear. Grinning in the face of news reports about… Read More »

Demand for PrEP fails to materialise in most of England

By | 20th May 2018

A year ago campaigners and gay “health” organisations claimed there was huge demand for PrEP amongst gay men in the UK. For that reason they wanted the drug to be available to any man who asked for it. Some loons even suggested that most sexually active gay men should be on PrEP. But the PrEP… Read More »

Are we “rolling out” widespread drug resistance?

By | 10th August 2017

HIV “professionals” will always site “studies” that “PrEP works”. However a small trial of 500 patients (codeword for barebacker/bugchaser) is very different than the mass roll out of PrEP for every gay man to have a “choice” in his HIV prevention “toolshed”. HIV is an ever mutating disease and although drug resistance is now “rare”… Read More »

Prepsters are dictatorial, intolerant neoliberals

By | 24th February 2017

Any criticism of the PrEP and bareback agenda tends to be met with predictable soundbite claims (and “Tweets” of course) that the source is the “alt right.” It’s a popular current smear to try and discredit anyone who disagrees. The prepsters and (ill)health unprofessionals in the gay organisations have the sort of insufferable, self-righteousness and… Read More »