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The PrEP Impact Trial – what the news and PrEPsters aren’t telling you

By | 24th January 2019

Reading the news and Tweets from fanatical PrEPsters you might think that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial is a great success. That we’re well on the way to “ending HIV” as they like to claim. News reports and politicians tell us that “many” clinics are now full for gay men. Ten days ago NHS England… Read More »

How the PrEPsters lost the argument

By | 24th July 2018

“I believe we HAVE won” said one of the UK’s most notorious PrEP and “U=U” advocates at the AIDS2018 conference, which has been happening in Amsterdam over the last couple of days. We disagree. The PrEPsters are putting on a brave act as cracks began to appear. Grinning in the face of news reports about… Read More »

Barebackers share heartless Grindr messages they’ve received from condom users

By | 21st July 2018

A bareback user of dating app Grindr has shared the heartless message he received yesterday from another user, rejecting him because he struggles to use a condom. Tony Fakename is a member of the Manchester branch of Cockaholics Anonymous. He shared a screenshot of the message to his Facebook, where it has been shared dozens… Read More »

Demand for PrEP fails to materialise in most of England

By | 20th May 2018

A year ago campaigners and gay “health” organisations claimed there was huge demand for PrEP amongst gay men in the UK. For that reason they wanted the drug to be available to any man who asked for it. Some loons even suggested that most sexually active gay men should be on PrEP. But the PrEP… Read More »

Gay men who have unprotected sex with random partners are reckless, they are NOT victims

By | 25th March 2018

Everyone’s a victim these days. The gay organisations love to portray us in this way. The more “problems” they can identify, and the more “victims” they can find who need their dubious “help”, the greater the funding they can grab. The idea is to secure their own jobs and their progress up the gay charity sector… Read More »

Survey reveals why trusting isn’t a valid safer sex strategy

By | 12th February 2018

61% of gay men who caught a sexually transmitted infection (STI) while cheating on their partner didn’t tell him. One of the shocking findings in a survey by GMFA. 52% said they had been unfaithful while in a relationship and of those 17% had caught an STI doing it. 58% had experienced a partner cheating… Read More »

Hairdresser court case illustrates why condoms are effective

By | 4th February 2018

The case of Daryll Rowe, the 27-year-old hairdresser who has been convicted of deliberately infecting men with HIV, shows how effective condoms are when used properly and how infectious someone can be when not on treatment. Rowe moved to Brighton shortly after being diagnosed with HIV in April 2015. He stopped turning up for health… Read More »

Study shows that the negative partner becoming positive isn’t the only danger in bareback-focused discordant relationships

By | 19th December 2017

Ten gay men became infected with HIV during the Danish PARTNER study. The research looked at discordant gay couples (where one is HIV+ and one is negative) . But, interestingly, when the strains of HIV were analysed, it was found that none of them had contracted HIV from their positive partner. They had been infected… Read More »

Organisations that are mainly run by HIV+ gay men don’t want condoms to be the answer

By | 13th December 2017

Twenty-five years ago, Gay Men Fighting AIDS (GMFA) was a worthwhile organisation. Its stylish ads promoting condom use would pop up on Channel 4 in the middle of the gay current affairs series “Out”. About twenty years ago the charity began to change. Despite being just a few percent of the UK gay male population,… Read More »

Public Health England won’t endorse the use of of antibiotics as post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) for STIs

By | 4th November 2017

In a joint statement, Public Health England (PHE) and the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) have said they won’t endorse the use of Doxycycline PEP for STIs. This, they say, is because any potential benefits will be outweighed by the considerable potential for antibiotic resistance to develop in STIs and other bacteria. PEP… Read More »