Survey reveals why trusting isn’t a valid safer sex strategy

By | 12th February 2018

Anguished man61% of gay men who caught a sexually transmitted infection (STI) while cheating on their partner didn’t tell him. One of the shocking findings in a survey by GMFA.

52% said they had been unfaithful while in a relationship and of those 17% had caught an STI doing it. 58% had experienced a partner cheating on them.

GMFA is one of the organisations that is now suggesting to impressionable young gay men that they can rely on an HIV+ man to be honest about being “undetectable” for the virus. With this level of dishonesty among gay men in general in relationships, how can we trust someone (possibly a complete stranger) over something as life changing as HIV? It’s a crazy suggestion.

A condom will protect you from cheating partners and strangers.

Footnote: all surveys done by gay organisations should be taken with a large pinch of salt. Often the individuals surveyed are not at all representative of most gay and bi men.  In this case the survey group was 1,000 readers of GMFA’s own FS magazine. As such it’s just a snapshot of their readers; men who enjoy articles about sex, HIV and very gay scene and gay lifestyle orientated concerns.

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