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Single course of antibiotics may cause irreversible damage to crucial gut bacteria

By | 23rd March 2019

There’s yet another reason to always use a condom so you avoid sexually transmitted infections as much as possible. The Telegraph reports that even a single course of antibiotics “can damage the healthy bacteria in the gut for at least a year and possibly permanently.” For a long time it has been known that antibiotics… Read More »

The PrEP Impact Trial – what the news and PrEPsters aren’t telling you

By | 24th January 2019

Reading the news and Tweets from fanatical PrEPsters you might think that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial is a great success. That we’re well on the way to “ending HIV” as they like to claim. News reports and politicians tell us that “many” clinics are now full for gay men. Ten days ago NHS England… Read More »

Syphilis infections in Scotland are now at their highest for more than six decades

By | 23rd August 2017

“Rates of infections are now at their highest for more than six decades across Scotland, with 90% among men,” according to Pink News. “Experts are blaming the increased infection rates – which have doubled in recent years – on men who have sex with men having unprotected casual encounters.” “An incredible 83% of new infections… Read More »

World Health Organisation (WHO) confirms three cases of gonorrhoea where antibiotics were ineffective

By | 7th July 2017

Bareback enthusiasts complain about wearing a condom for anal sex. But a world where we always need to use them for oral sex too could be just around the corner. The World Health Organization has warned of a ‘very serious situation’ after confirming three known cases of gonorrhoea where all antibiotics were ineffective, The Guardian… Read More »