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Users of TAF in PrEP more likely to develop high blood pressure or need statins

By | 15th September 2023

“A study of people who started PrEP in a southern California health system has found that people who took PrEP containing tenofovir alafenamide (TAF) were more likely to be diagnosed with high blood pressure or start treatment with a statin to control cholesterol than those taking PrEP containing tenofovir disoproxil (TDF) during a two-year follow-up.”… Read More »

Syphilis infections in Scotland are now at their highest for more than six decades

By | 23rd August 2017

“Rates of infections are now at their highest for more than six decades across Scotland, with 90% among men,” according to Pink News. “Experts are blaming the increased infection rates – which have doubled in recent years – on men who have sex with men having unprotected casual encounters.” “An incredible 83% of new infections… Read More »

UK man jailed for seven years for deliberately infecting two partners with HIV

By | 15th August 2017

You can read the details of this story on the GayStarNews website . We have a few questions to raise about the article… Why does the headline and first paragraph have the word “deliberately” in inverted commas? Is GayStarNews implying that this wasn’t an intentional act? Yet the police, Crown Prosecution Service and a court… Read More »