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Demand for PrEP fails to materialise in most of England

By | 20th May 2018

A year ago campaigners and gay “health” organisations claimed there was huge demand for PrEP amongst gay men in the UK. For that reason they wanted the drug to be available to any man who asked for it. Some loons even suggested that most sexually active gay men should be on PrEP. But the PrEP… Read More »

Are we “rolling out” widespread drug resistance?

By | 10th August 2017

HIV “professionals” will always site “studies” that “PrEP works”. However a small trial of 500 patients (codeword for barebacker/bugchaser) is very different than the mass roll out of PrEP for every gay man to have a “choice” in his HIV prevention “toolshed”. HIV is an ever mutating disease and although drug resistance is now “rare”… Read More »