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It’s A Sin Review: A distorted narrative of AIDS in the 80s

By | 9th February 2021

“It’s A Sin” is the story of an arrogant, ignorant, selfish, irresponsible gay man (Ritchie). A failed actor in denial of the AIDS epidemic. Someone who wouldn’t listen to any advice or guidance on his sex life, he would not moderate his behaviour. He didn’t give a fuck about himself or anyone else. As the… Read More »

“Self stigma” Why the gay ill health sector won’t promote condoms

By | 16th October 2020

You will have seen over the past few years several campaigns from the gay ill health sector. Focusing on testing, U=U and of course PrEP. As always “HIV stigma” is thrown into the mix. However don’t you find it odd in the fight to “prevent” and “tackle” HIV that condoms are never mentioned or if… Read More »

Raw is the Law. How the gay ill health sector destroyed gay mens sexual health

By | 4th February 2020

How have we got to the point in 2020 where young gay men feel the need to take powerful medication, meant originally to treat HIV positive men, and use it as a way of having unprotected “condomless” sex to stop the anxiety of being infected with HIV and to feel  “liberated”? We have read tweets… Read More »

Do gay ill health sector workers have serious mental health issues?

By | 11th August 2019

There is no stigma in being mentally ill. However does the gay ill health sector attract those that already have serious mental health conditions? And if you aren’t suffering from a mental health condition does working in the gay ill health sector create them? Is this because of their extreme ideological politically correct beliefs? The… Read More »

Have sleazy PrEPsters led to a decline in acceptance of gay people in the UK?

By | 11th July 2019

Acceptance of gay people has stalled in the UK. What could be the reason? On social media the brain dead are guessing that Donald Trump could be to blame. Or possibly the “far right” – that handy fit-all smear for anyone who says no to gays having everything they want. But perhaps we need to… Read More »

Ticking the boxes

By | 27th May 2019

* Previous irrational shame – TICK * Previous irrational fear – TICK * Misplaced feeling of being in control – TICK * Misplaced feeling of liberation – TICK * Condoms not mentioned – TICK Is the man using condoms? We don’t know because of course as usual they aren’t mentioned. If he is then why… Read More »

Why does the gay ill health sector promote extreme and dangerous sex as fun?

By | 25th May 2019

The gay ill health sector has the mantra that no sexual practice however extreme can be “stigmatised”, condemned or seen as dangerous. However sick, depraved or degrading the act is, no one should be given the advice that it’s not a good idea. In fact they promote the most dangerous and extreme activities as fun… Read More »

The PrEP Impact Trial – what the news and PrEPsters aren’t telling you

By | 24th January 2019

Reading the news and Tweets from fanatical PrEPsters you might think that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial is a great success. That we’re well on the way to “ending HIV” as they like to claim. News reports and politicians tell us that “many” clinics are now full for gay men. Ten days ago NHS England… Read More »

Moaning and Misery – How the gay ill health sector lost its gay audience

By | 8th November 2018

Have you noticed recently how no one engages with the gay ill health sector? Either through Facebook or Twitter? No one comments on any of their posts with few likes either! They are an echo chamber of moaning and miserable sods wallowing in victimhood, endlessly banging on about “stigma” and how hard done to they… Read More »

STIs don’t care about the gay (ill) health sector “sex without fear” bareback equality agenda

By | 4th August 2018

The gay (ill) health (un)professionals are like a broken record, pushing a bizarre narrative that is crumbling around them in the face of shocking facts, statistics and downright common sense. Amazingly they are still going for the “sex without fear” buzzphrase. Suggesting that gay men no longer have to worry about their sexual health and… Read More »