Why does the gay ill health sector promote extreme and dangerous sex as fun?

By | 25th May 2019

The gay ill health sector has the mantra that no sexual practice however extreme can be “stigmatised”, condemned or seen as dangerous. However sick, depraved or degrading the act is, no one should be given the advice that it’s not a good idea. In fact they promote the most dangerous and extreme activities as fun and suggest they can be safe if only you follow their detailed advice. They are normalising and promoting extreme and dangerous sexual acts within the gay community, suggesting they are widespread and everyone does them. You too must give it a go as its “fun”. This is an extension of their bareback agenda: the sex you want, supposedly; “sex without shame”.

Fisting is fun

Incredibly the gay ill health sector promote this dangerous and extreme practice. It can lead to long term damage of your arse, short term trauma and cause incontinence. What fun! With a slack arse enjoying anal sex becomes problematic. On top of that fisting and the tears that occur means you are more likely to be infected with STIs.


The gay ill health sector love fetishes that have nothing to do with gay sex, intimacy and love. Bondage is all about the thrill of danger, of being vulnerable to be abuse. It is abuse.

Chemsex is cool

A favourite with the gay ill health sector, as many of them practice this. In fact they have come up with the term “chemsex” to make it cool, sexy and trendy. But in fact it’s really just about taking illegal drugs and turning gay men into addicts. Gay men who are troubled with their sexuality turn to drugs to deal with their self stigma. Chemsex parties or “chill outs” are about raping the unconscious, abuse and enjoying a self-destructive lifestyle.

Scat is where its all

It’s a shit business. Shit happens! says the gay ill health expert. They have a strange obsession that poo is an everyday occurrence in gay sex and should be embraced. It doesn’t have to be if you go to the toilet or douche. There is a move from the gay ill health sector to say that douching isn’t a good idea as it removes the anal mucus and causes trauma leading to more risk from infections of all kinds. However this is from a bareback perspective, as always. If you use a condom it’s irrelevant.


Rimming was never much of a thing in the gay community. If you don’t believe that then just check out some gay porn films from the 1970s and 80s. Whether American, French or British you will rarely if ever see it.

But with relentless promotion in gay porn over the last 20 years this practice is now seen as “foreplay” and has been normalised by the gay ill health “experts”. It’s now shown to be the route of transmission orally for gonorrhea if you rim and then kiss. What fun the gay ill health sector has brought us. Of course you are less likely to encounter gonorrhoea if your partner is a consistent condom use, but the “experts” won’t tell you that. The advent of shigella and other bacteria viruses in the gay community shows that rimming “without fear” isn’t a good idea.

Semen Exchange and Cumdumping

With the relentless promotion of PrEP and barebacking from the poz guys who dominate the gay ill health sector comes semen exchange and cumdumping. This is sold as “intimacy”. It isn’t; it’s dangerous and a very easy route for STI transmission. Many of which are becoming untreatable.

You will see this extreme and dangerous agenda sold as “the sex you want”, with the risks you are prepared to take or risks that are inevitable but could be minimized. But really it’s the sex THEY want to inflict on the gay community. Superficial gay men normalising extreme, dangerous and abusive sexual practices. Men who believe that intimacy and pleasure is bareback sex and cumdumping their poz load up a neg arse. Equality achieved.

Where will all this extreme and dangerous promotion end? With the bizarre workshops run by the gay ill sector, will we end up with some similar to the homophobic hate preachers in Africa, because nothing can be stigmatised? The gay ill health sector are dehumanising us and fanning the flames to help homophobes attack us.

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