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Gays on TV. Are you being depraved?

By | 8th December 2019

In the “bad old days” on television 1960s and 1970s gays were often stereotyped as the limp wristed camp effeminate “poofter” type. Always fun happy go lucky characters, enjoying life and making innuendos all the time. Think Dick Emery Clarence, John Inman’s Mr Humphreys in Are You Being Served, Frankie Howerd and the Carry On… Read More »

Do gay ill health sector workers have serious mental health issues?

By | 11th August 2019

There is no stigma in being mentally ill. However does the gay ill health sector attract those that already have serious mental health conditions? And if you aren’t suffering from a mental health condition does working in the gay ill health sector create them? Is this because of their extreme ideological politically correct beliefs? The… Read More »

Tales of the PrEP City

By | 18th July 2019

The gay ill health sector and their bareback ambassadors would have you believe PrEP is the greatest liberation for the gay community. No longer will we fear sex without a condom and we can all have the gay sex we truly desire without stigma peddled by the homophobic tombstone ads. The sex we deserve as… Read More »

Barebackers share heartless Grindr messages they’ve received from condom users

By | 21st July 2018

A bareback user of dating app Grindr has shared the heartless message he received yesterday from another user, rejecting him because he struggles to use a condom. Tony Fakename is a member of the Manchester branch of Cockaholics Anonymous. He shared a screenshot of the message to his Facebook, where it has been shared dozens… Read More »

If you think prep is about targeting “at risk” barebackers who refuse to wear condoms think again!

By | 4th August 2017

“Is PrEP causing a change of behaviour or responding to it? Likely doing both” It’s what these Prepster want to normalise, validate and glorify: unprotected “condomless” sex, to create a bareback gay community. Many of these Prep/bareback enthusiasts are HIV positive men who hated using condoms and are suffering mental health issues. Highly traumatised gay… Read More »

Dens of Depravity – the true problem gay charities refuse to face in the fight against HIV

By | 3rd December 2016

We have said it before and we will say it again, taking PrEP is a sign of a gay man who has severe mental health issues. A self harmer, who has low self esteem, feels his life is worthless and is self deceiving himself that barebacking gives an intimate pleasurable connection with his gay brothers.… Read More »