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It’s A Sin Review: A distorted narrative of AIDS in the 80s

By | 9th February 2021

“It’s A Sin” is the story of an arrogant, ignorant, selfish, irresponsible gay man (Ritchie). A failed actor in denial of the AIDS epidemic. Someone who wouldn’t listen to any advice or guidance on his sex life, he would not moderate his behaviour. He didn’t give a fuck about himself or anyone else. As the… Read More »

Why condoms are a safer choice than ever & the simple act of avoiding barebackers keeps you healthy & sane

By | 4th November 2018

As part of the desperation to drive forward PrEP and the barebacking that goes along with it, condoms have sometimes been demonised in the most wicked and false way. In fact, if you insist on using a condom, and always do, you’re probably at the safest level gay condom users have been at for 35… Read More »

Articles about the gay community and drugs and bugchasing

By | 3rd May 2018

Two interesting articles from GayStarNews: The gay community has to get over its unhealthy addiction to drugs. What has gay culture become if men are choosing to become infected with HIV? Isn’t it odd that after all this “liberation” we seem to have far more problems, unhappiness and damaging behaviour in the gay “community” than… Read More »

Gay men who have unprotected sex with random partners are reckless, they are NOT victims

By | 25th March 2018

Everyone’s a victim these days. The gay organisations love to portray us in this way. The more “problems” they can identify, and the more “victims” they can find who need their dubious “help”, the greater the funding they can grab. The idea is to secure their own jobs and their progress up the gay charity sector… Read More »

Study shows that the negative partner becoming positive isn’t the only danger in bareback-focused discordant relationships

By | 19th December 2017

Ten gay men became infected with HIV during the Danish PARTNER study. The research looked at discordant gay couples (where one is HIV+ and one is negative) . But, interestingly, when the strains of HIV were analysed, it was found that none of them had contracted HIV from their positive partner. They had been infected… Read More »

If you think prep is about targeting “at risk” barebackers who refuse to wear condoms think again!

By | 4th August 2017

“Is PrEP causing a change of behaviour or responding to it? Likely doing both” It’s what these Prepster want to normalise, validate and glorify: unprotected “condomless” sex, to create a bareback gay community. Many of these Prep/bareback enthusiasts are HIV positive men who hated using condoms and are suffering mental health issues. Highly traumatised gay… Read More »

The desperate and tragic world of the more extreme gay hook-up sites

By | 5th April 2016

If you haven’t visited the seedier side of gay hook up websites, some of the content will probably come as a big shock and may strike you as tragic. On “BarebackRT” for example, men now routinely state whether they are hepatitis C “positive” or “negative.” Things have moved on from HIV, because many of them… Read More »