If you think prep is about targeting “at risk” barebackers who refuse to wear condoms think again!

By | 4th August 2017

“Is PrEP causing a change of behaviour or responding to it? Likely doing both”

It’s what these Prepster want to normalise, validate and glorify: unprotected “condomless” sex, to create a bareback gay community. Many of these Prep/bareback enthusiasts are HIV positive men who hated using condoms and are suffering mental health issues. Highly traumatised gay men who seek validation that their past sexual practices weren’t “wrong” risk taking or self harming.

See PrEP for what it is: “care in the community” for the barebacking bugchaser whose sex is based not on intimacy or pleasure but on sexual risk, self harm, self abuse and the desire to be infected by HIV. They are seriously mentally ill. PrEP only validates their behaviour in the gay community. This is not STIGMA.

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