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The Relationship between PrEP and STIs isn’t complex its obvious

By | 29th January 2022

The gay ill health non-experts sold PrEP to HIV negative men as “sex without fear”. It’s a laughable but dangerous message that was sent out to gay men and highly disingenuous. It was part of their bareback agenda to erase condoms from all sexual health messaging. Sexual health does not end with taking a PrEP… Read More »

Confusion and Contradiction is part of the HIV non prevention strategy

By | 24th January 2021

Do you ever read articles, tweets, facebook posts from the gay ill health sector and feeling utterly confused in what they are saying, how they are saying it and what it all means? Politically correct language which offers no advice, guidance and is contradictory when you think about it? Well confusion and contradiction is part… Read More »

COVID-19 evaporates the gay ill health woke ideology

By | 22nd March 2020

Advice can change quite rapidly in the wacky world of the gay ill health sector. One minute you are being told to be a fabulous barebacking slut on PrEP the next you are being told not to kiss and have a phone wank. The sector is now in utter crisis after years of destroying the… Read More »

Corona virus: A warning to the woke gay community

By | 8th March 2020

Some gay men never learn. Others are naive and are influenced by the relentless rhetoric they are fed by LGBT organisations they believe are here to represent their best interests and tell the truth. Yet the gay men who survive and thrive are the ones who take a critical eye, look at the wider picture,… Read More »

Raw is the Law. How the gay ill health sector destroyed gay mens sexual health

By | 4th February 2020

How have we got to the point in 2020 where young gay men feel the need to take powerful medication, meant originally to treat HIV positive men, and use it as a way of having unprotected “condomless” sex to stop the anxiety of being infected with HIV and to feel  “liberated”? We have read tweets… Read More »

How the gay ill health “experts” mislead us on condoms effectiveness for HIV prevention

By | 28th July 2019

The gay (ill) health “experts” love to undermine the effectiveness of condoms in HIV prevention. It’s part of their product replacement strategy and bareback agenda to get more gay men taking PrEP as the preferred HIV prevention method. Their aim is to instil fear, anxiety and doubt that condoms will not be enough to stop… Read More »

Tales of the PrEP City

By | 18th July 2019

The gay ill health sector and their bareback ambassadors would have you believe PrEP is the greatest liberation for the gay community. No longer will we fear sex without a condom and we can all have the gay sex we truly desire without stigma peddled by the homophobic tombstone ads. The sex we deserve as… Read More »

Ticking the boxes

By | 27th May 2019

* Previous irrational shame – TICK * Previous irrational fear – TICK * Misplaced feeling of being in control – TICK * Misplaced feeling of liberation – TICK * Condoms not mentioned – TICK Is the man using condoms? We don’t know because of course as usual they aren’t mentioned. If he is then why… Read More »

Putting on a brave face – The tragedy of the bareback agenda

By | 24th March 2019

We have this week yet another story of PrEP failure. As always the gay ill health sector are putting on a brave face and spinning that, in reality, it’s good news and that thousands of gay men are being “protected” from HIV by taking PrEP. As always the message is they don’t care if you… Read More »

So you’re a fabulous slut! So now what?

By | 13th January 2019

Have the gay ill health unprofessionals achieved what they desire for 2019? A post condom world, where HIV is destigmatised and condomless sex is “defetishised” and seen as a sign of liberation for the gay community? You are no longer a “bad gay”. Barebacking is the new intimacy, a sign of pleasure for the uninhibited… Read More »