Ticking the boxes

By | 27th May 2019

Ticking the boxes

* Previous irrational shame – TICK

* Previous irrational fear – TICK

* Misplaced feeling of being in control – TICK

* Misplaced feeling of liberation – TICK

* Condoms not mentioned – TICK

Is the man using condoms? We don’t know because of course as usual they aren’t mentioned. If he is then why wouldn’t he say so? If “health professionals” truly wanted to “end HIV” and protect the health of gay men why wouldn’t they mention condoms at every opportunity?

Read between the lines and see the agenda…

If the man isn’t using them then he’s a fool and still has a lot to “fear” from STIs despite his sensible decision to have the HPV vaccine. PrEP only gives protection against HIV.

The only reason to “dread” visits to the clinic is if you haven’t been taking care of your health. If you don’t use condoms you are at high risk from STIs such as gonorrhoea, herpes, clamydia, hepatitis, warts, syphilis and even PrEP-resistant strains of HIV – though those are rare so far.

By seeking out and being open to sex without a condom you meet other gay men who are high risk and who are more likely to have STIs. Infections are skyrocketing because of gay men who don’t use condoms.

Regularly being infected with diseases, taking antibiotics and PrEP and meeting gay men who are more likely to have a STI is not a healthy lifestyle. It is just slightly better than being an obsessed barebacker who is inevitably going to become infected with HIV.

There is nothing “liberated” about getting endless STIs. It’s sleazy and irresponsible. The more antibiotics that are dished out, the sooner they won’t work anymore due to resistance. Within the next 10 years STIs such as gonorrhoea may well become almost untreatable and will even kill in a small percentage of cases because nothing can be done. Imagine that situation. There will be a lot to “fear” then.

Gay men on PrEP who don’t use condoms will be among the first to catch antibiotic resistant STIs. Through their irresponsible behaviour they bring forward the day when we will all be at risk.

So is the pill-popping man really in control? Or are drug companies controlling his life? What about his health 20 years from now? The longterm effects of the drugs in PrEP are only just becoming known. Will he suffer bone or kidney problems at an earlier age? Will he be fearful and feel in control then?

Perhaps like many young men he doesn’t care and problems 20 years from now seem a long way off? But it will come along faster than he imagines and he will then face perhaps another 30 or 40 years of life when there isn’t so much sex and just the consequences to live with.

Is it worth the risk just for bareback sex? But we hope this particular man is being sensible and using condoms.

One thought on “Ticking the boxes

  1. Libra

    I just watched the 2002 Documentary THE GIFT. Its on youtube if you want to see it. This was nearly 20 years ago, 5 years before “smart” phones and hook up sites. Many perspectives are present, the most tragic being a 19 year old new to San Francisco and desperate to find his tribe a belong. He relents to an online top who wants to CHARGE him up. He didn’t want to have to “worry” about getting hiv anymore. It works and he tests poz and goes on meds. He regrets it so clearly teary eyed as he retells his decision.

    It is SAD that older gay men seem to be more predatory to use younger gay men for sleazy unsafe sex rather than mentor them and guide them to protect their health.

    If he is still alive… he would be about 38 years old, almost 20 years on hiv meds.

    They cut to what appears to be a 40 and over discussion group with several poz gay men discussing their own health issues. They also discuss how the gay community fails gay men miserably on this issue reviewing posters, slogans, and buff sexy bodies all over the ads and not the stark reality.

    Prep is BS!!!! Its old hiv meds with a fresh coat of paint to renew a patent to keep it overpriced. In Oct 2020 an exclusive generic license was sold. How much cheaper? 10% off.

    No one knows how long anyone can stay on these meds and remain “healthy”. Most on it 30 years ago are dead ….before protease inhibitors were discovered.

    One of the gay men in the group discussion says he would like to meet a gay man over 45 who protected himself and is negative. I am one of those men. It meant making very difficult choices. No anon sex!!! These guys don’t care about you. They don’t even know you. You arent special in any way. The more excited about bbk sex with you… they were equally excited with the 10 other guys they had bbk sex with over the weekend.

    Condoms break and someone who shames you for bringing them out… show them the DOOR. By Felicia.

    Lastly… random sex hook ups are exciting. So many possibilities AND you get off. But at what price?

    Living to see 50 is great. You can still have as much fun as you decide. Again, those who shame your age… the door! Getting older also means more mature, wiser, and you let go of bs the longer you live. You actually learn to love YOURSELF. Life is better when you no longer loathe any part of yourself.

    But first… you have to get there.

    Respect yourself, protect yourself.


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