HIV negative stigma, condom stigma and the poz privileged elite who dictate the narrative of HIV prevention

By | 27th May 2019

Have you noticed that HIV positive gay men are disproportionally represented within the gay health sector? That due to political correctness those who failed to keep themselves safe from HIV now dictate to HIV negative gay men on HIV prevention and how to conduct their sex lives.

The narrative of the poz privileged elite  is the only voice that is allowed in the media and HIV negative gay men who use condoms are portrayed as narrow minded, bigoted guys who need to be re-educated on sexual practices in this modern age of medical interventions. HIV negative gay men need to be silenced as it’s “unnecessary noise”. Within the gay ill health sector the poz privileged display rabid HIV negative stigma and pathological condom stigma as they force their bareback agenda onto the gay community.

The poz privileged dictate the sexual health narrative for gay men and stigmatise HIV negative men who use condoms. They weaponize stigma to silence any dissenters. An echo chamber of self appointed leaders. Here’s how it works.

HIV positive gay men

HIV positive gay men are at the top of the HIV prevention hierarchy. They are virtuous, honest, trustworthy, reliable members of the gay community. They are leading healthy lifestyles as HIV has taught them to look after themselves, they have had an epiphany moment on their diagnosis. They are the “good gays”. They always take their HIV medication and are fighting onward HIV infection as after around 6 months they become “undetectable” to HIV. Condoms are not required as “undetectable equals untransmittable” and you as a HIV negative gay man cannot question the validity of that statement or insist on a condom as “that is stigma”.

They have poz privilege and enforce condom stigma. They dominate LGBT “health” organisations and utilise workshops to reinforce the view that they are the safest person in the room to have “condomless” sex with, as they are undetectable.

PrEP user

Next in the hierarchy is the PrEP user. They are also presented as responsible members of the gay community, as they are supposedly clued up on sexual health and HIV prevention.

They are aware of these new medical “options” in HIV prevention in the 21st Century. They believe that  condoms can be ditched and are only for the ignorant who haven’t yet been “educated” about the wonders of being on a prescription drug 24/7.

PrEP is presented as offering more protection against HIV than condoms (a lie). Therefore PrEP users are more virtuous.

Like HIV+ gay men, PrEP users are portrayed as reliable. They always take their meds and have developed a strategy to do so – after they brush their teeth or an alarm on their phone. They are highly educated members of the gay community who value pleasure and intimacy and are willing to have “condomless” liberated “sex without shame” with HIV+ men . “Sex without fear”.

Virtuously they have a regular check up every 3 months for HIV and STIs (they have to to get that PrEP prescription again). They are in control of their (sexual) health supposedly. Even though they have high rates of STIs and so are on a constant diet of prescription drugs.

HIV negative condom user

Bottom of the hierarchy is the HIV negative condom user. Portrayed as a minority in the gay community, when in fact they are the majority. The poz privileged elite in gay health wish to isolate, stigmatise and invalidate their safe sex practice of using condoms by creating stigma around the humble “rubber”. Often the poz privileged elite ignore condoms completely in the HIV prevention narrative as they don’t suit their bareback agenda. Condom users are even portrayed as “condom Nazis” or “the condom Taliban”. Terrorising the gay community with their promotion.

The HIV negative gay man is stigmatised as a reckless, irresponsible disease spreader who will never truly “know his status”. Stupid, incapable of putting on a condom or using it reliably, often not bothering at all in the “heat of the moment”. HIV negative condom users are portrayed as bigoted, old fashioned in their safe sex practices and need to be “re-educated” by the poz privileged and responsible PrEP users about “choices” available, which of course means bareback sex.

Worse still, sex with a condom is highly stigmatised as not being “liberated” and a “punishment” by the heterosexual white male patriarchy who wish to control the sex lives of gay men. The poz privileged narrative is that using the “technology” of PrEP and U=U, gay men can have the sex they always wanted.

Condom users are “self stigmatising”, brainwashed thickos it is suggested. Duped by decades of moralising Tory safe sex condom campaigns that instilled fear and anxiety. Making us feel that gay sex was about death, disease and that proper “condomless” sex was “wrong”. Campaigns that were about suppressing our true sexual desires, denying us pleasure, intimacy and fulfilment. This is how the poz privileged elite’s narrative goes.

The poz privileged elite wish to normalise, “defetishise”, unprotected condomless sex and create a cultural shift in the gay community away from condom use by stigmatising the HIV negative condom user. Creating a tipping point so that condoms are no longer required. Because PrEP prevents HIV and all other STIs are insignificant and can be fixed easily by even more drugs.

This narrative is a myth and needs to be called out.

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