Have sleazy PrEPsters led to a decline in acceptance of gay people in the UK?

By | 11th July 2019

Acceptance of gay people has stalled in the UK. What could be the reason?

Acceptance - PinkNews headline

On social media the brain dead are guessing that Donald Trump could be to blame. Or possibly the “far right” – that handy fit-all smear for anyone who says no to gays having everything they want.

But perhaps we need to look closer to home – at what the general public have seen about us on TV and in other media day-in day-out in recent years?

They’ve seen arrogant and unrepentant  gay men, some of whom foolishly got themselves HIV+, demanding that the NHS should fund PrEP for anyone who fancies it at huge public cost. Men who think that sexually-transmitted infections (other than HIV) and endless trips to the clap clinic are no big deal. And despite the number of cases of serious STIs increasing at a scary rate and drug resistance being on the horizon.

They’ve seen gay health organisations encourage middle-aged gay men to show off in “Truvada whore” tshirts. Telling impressionable young gays that being a “slut” is nothing to be concerned about and implying there will be no real consequences if they are. That activities such as fisting are normal.

Some think that HIV+ gay men shouldn’t be prosecuted for deliberately infecting others.

Gay health organisations constantly over play the level of drug-taking, alcohol abuse and mental illness amongst LGBT people. By “finding” problems that need their “help” they can grab more public funding. With friends like these, who needs enemies?

For decades homosexuality was classified as a mental illness and the tragic sad homosexual  was a Hollywood stereotype. Now it’s our own so-called community leaders and organisations and their ever-compliant fake-media buddies who pedal these poisonous myths. It’s just the age old stereotypes repackaged for a new generation. But now by our own.

Tragedy queens tell interviewers how they “couldn’t” use a condom and that the NHS must fund expensive PrEP so they can continue to have bareback sex. Quite a percentage of viewers must laugh out loud when they hear this stuff, it is so ludicrous and pathetic.

We see a constant diet of interviews with troubled gays who talk about their addictions, mental health issues and drama. Over-the-top gay celebrities too. Some of whom have literally dropped dead at a young age in recent years.

And the bad news is that there’s worse to come as some of the best-known gay national treasures in the UK are strongly rumoured to have a dodgy past. Nothing will be published while they’ve alive of course but no doubt the tabloids have the articles ready to roll once gone. After years of representing us (though we were never consulted) they will go from hero to zero overnight.

The professional victims are always up for an interview. The desire to tell everyone is part of their illness.

So gradually, in the minds of the rest of society, this is what being gay is (wrongly) becoming connected with. We’re all irresponsible, demanding, tragic, helpless, mentally ill and abusive, with drug and alcohol problems. This is on top of longstanding prejudices against us which always lurk in the background.

In reality most of us don’t lead that sort of existence. But we go unseen and unreported.

Acceptance - Pink News

Unfortunately it’s always been the case that the most extreme gay men got the most public attention. But now amplified as never before by a media that is eager to promote everything LGBT in the most uncritical way. And thanks to political correctness, these hard-of-thinking extremists have managed to get themselves into top roles.

The danger is that their nutty ideas and behaviour will gradually dismantle much of what we achieved over the last 50 years. This unprecedented decline in acceptance may be the first sign of that…

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