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Video seminars about HIV and STIs amongst gay men by a Infectious Disease and Sexual Health Consultant

By | 17th October 2018

If you’re a Man who has Sex with Men (MSM) and you really want to know what is going on when it comes to sexual health we highly recommend the following video seminars which have just been published by the New Zealand organisation PHARMAC. HIV Update Dr Massimo Giola, an Infectious Disease and Sexual Health… Read More »

Being HIV+ you may be “living” but what about the quality of life?

By | 28th April 2018

The gay mens (ill)health charities are selling you a lie. They give the impression that HIV is no big deal, just pop a pill everyday and HIV is suppressed by miracle unharmful ARV pills. That is the biggest lie told to the gay community and is causing more and more gay men to be infected… Read More »

Is the Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) campaign putting HIV negative men at risk?

By | 19th December 2017

You will no doubt have read the latest campaign that simply states gay men who have HIV but have an undetectable viral load “cannot pass it on” and it is untransmittable if they have sex with a HIV negative partner. The gay (ill) health organisations deal in absolutes, is this definitive statement putting HIV negative… Read More »

Having HIV is tough – tolerance, side effects, adherence, toxicity ignored

By | 17th September 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations promote HIV as easy to treat, you just take your meds and live a long and happy life. This is positive spin and reality is far different. They are doing the gay community a disservice by not presenting the truth of living with HIV. This presentation reveals the complexities of HIV… Read More »

Does “treatment as prevention” equal “I want bareback sex”?

By | 10th August 2017

“If someone is not comfortable about using TASP as a HIV prevention we will discuss other strategies”. That’s good of him! No thought about other STIs that condoms protect against. He is very confident that he is undetectable and will remain so. However this is the big lie of TASP, status CAN change. Many HIV… Read More »

Undetectable = Uninfectious? It’s not that simple

By | 3rd March 2017

If you thing unprotected sex with a HIV+ man who claims to be “undetectable” is safe sex, think again. Firstly you should NEVER take at face value what any person tells you to be the truth regarding their HIV status and abdicate responsibility to your partner. Secondly even if at their last test a HIV+… Read More »

PrEP: a sign of a terminally ill gay community gone mad (or is it just a manageable condition)

By | 25th January 2017

2016-17 was quite a year not only in mainstream society but also the so called “gay community”. With closing gay bars, nightclubs, saunas, gay stores and the ever increasing violence in and around so called “gay villages” across the country could things get any worse for the beleaguered “gay community”. Oh yes it could. The… Read More »

Risking gay men’s sexual health for the sake of loony political correctness and fake stigma

By | 19th January 2016

Since the outbreak of AIDS in the early 80s safe sex messages had been to “wear a condom and limit your partners”. It was a VERY successful campaign where HIV rates plummeted and other STIs along with it. A double win! The gay community was united and acting in a responsible manner. Condomless sex was… Read More »