Risking gay men’s sexual health for the sake of loony political correctness and fake stigma

By | 19th January 2016

Since the outbreak of AIDS in the early 80s safe sex messages had been to “wear a condom and limit your partners”. It was a VERY successful campaign where HIV rates plummeted and other STIs along with it. A double win! The gay community was united and acting in a responsible manner. Condomless sex was “stigmatised”, frowned upon and seen as anti social. Gay men would see unprotected sex as a sign of a mentally unhinged maniac with a death wish. Someone to be avoided. It may be 35 years later but this is still the best strategy for keeping you safe from HIV and removing your “fear”.

However since ARV treatments came along, meaning HIV was no longer a death sentence, the gay community has fallen down into an abyss of misplaced political correctness. With a loony liberal ideology that “anything goes”. To stigmatise anybody for their risky and foolish sexual practices is “slut shaming”, “judgemental” and counterproductive to getting gay men to test for HIV. This is just plain bullshit and needs to be called out.

The term “barebacking” itself was unknown in the 80s and only came into existence around the mid 90s. The same time as ARV treatment. This word has been steadily fetishised, glorified and validated by the gay charity sector as legitimate behaviour for gay men to adopt. It is more “intimate” and “pleasurable” they claim, as condoms “don’t work for some gay men”. This “destigmatisation” is putting gay men, particularly young gay men, at risk. The stats prove they are they are adopting this behaviour as normal and getting infected with HIV.

The connection that being infected with HIV relates to not wearing a condom has been eroded and that “anyone can get HIV” agenda has been pushed. Why is that? It’s putting gay men at risk. Simply put we have many HIV positive gay men working within the gay health sector who mustn’t be “offended” and be made to feel that their HIV infection relates to them not wearing a condom. If you normalise barebacking in the community, erode the connection between HIV and condom use, bingo HIV can “happen to anyone”.

This is where PrEP comes in and the loony liberal no stigma agenda has ended up drugging HIV negative gay men with toxic ARV medication so they can have unprotected sex with no “fear”, no “slut shaming” and no judgement. And get this the safest unprotected sex you can have is with a HIV positive “undetectable” gay man. But you can “share the responsibility” (or irresponsibility as we regard it here at GMAP) by still taking PrEP even though supposedly you don’t need it.

Those who have brought us to this point should be utterly ashamed of themselves. “We have done everything possible to end HIV and get gay men to use condoms now it’s up to the NHS” they claim in the gay media. When you look at the history and the ideological failure of the loony liberal stigma agenda and the fact HIV rates have soared the conclusion is they have done anything but.

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