Will 2023 be another year of disaster for the gay ill health sector?

By | 14th January 2023

2022 was a disastrous year for the gay ill health sector as they push their bareback agenda on the gay community. The highlight (or low point) was the advent of Monkeypox. The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared Monkeypox a public health emergency. Originally contained in Africa it swept across the Western world predominantly affecting gay men. It started in Spain, both on the mainland in Madrid and Gran Canaria during Pride in May, along with a fetish nightclub in Belgium. The epicentre of the outbreak was in gay saunas and backrooms, where no questions asked, anonymous unprotected condomless sex takes place, normally in the dark takes place. Then obviously those infected travelled home to their respected home countries to spread it to their own “gay community”.

The gay ill health sector predictably played down the fact that it had become a sexually transmitted disease predominantly within the liberated bareback community as they didn’t want the bareback community “stigmatised”. The NHS recommended using condoms for 2 weeks after a Monkeypox infection. PrEP users and poz guys were targeted for the vaccine, which was a smallpox vaccine. Short supplies meant the gay ill health non-experts were given a chance to bash the NHS and ask for more funding for sexual health clinics (and themselves).

Predictions for 2023

More of the same from the gay ill health sector pushing their bareback agenda and erasing condoms from any sexual health campaigns. They will continue pushing the idea that all poz guys take their medication regularly and are undetectable and therefore untransmitable (U=U) and no condoms are needed. This is unquestionable. PrEP will be continued to be pushed as the number 1 way for HIV negative guys to protect themselves from HIV along with the test test test message. They will also continue to ask for more funding so HIV can be ended by 2030.


What will actually happen, we predict, is STIs soaring to even higher levels with drug resistant STIs on the horizon with the normalisation of condomless sex. Monkeypox will occur again during Prides in major cities and resorts when barebackers mix is sleazy anonymous environments. New STIs will emerge.

The gay ill health sector unprofessionals will be whining about their health issues, none of which, they claim, are due to their HIV positive status. Some will drop dead as in 2022 at a young age due to chemsex drug addictions.

What can you do?

Avoid the predatory barebackers at all cost. Insist on using condoms or doing other sexy things. Remember the sex you have is your choice and your choice alone. Question everything the gay ill health sector says online, especially if it doesn’t sit right with you. Be judgemental, the gay community isn’t the loving and happy arena that is portrayed. Look after yourself.


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