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“Self stigma” Why the gay ill health sector won’t promote condoms

By | 16th October 2020

You will have seen over the past few years several campaigns from the gay ill health sector. Focusing on testing, U=U and of course PrEP. As always “HIV stigma” is thrown into the mix. However don’t you find it odd in the fight to “prevent” and “tackle” HIV that condoms are never mentioned or if… Read More »

Undetectable=Untransmittable. A human right to demand “condomless” sex?

By | 1st February 2020

The politically correct woke bareback agenda is in full flow in 2020s thanks to  the gay (ill)health sector. Undetectable=Untransmittable (U=U) is potentially a wonderful advance. HIV+ gay men take their meds daily and have a low viral load which means they are looking after their health. Unfortunately U=U has become entwined with a  bareback agenda;… Read More »

Dr Lovelace our Politically Correct gay ill health agony aunt answers email from a cheating barebacker

By | 7th August 2019

Today Doctor Lovelace, a politically correct agony aunt, joins GMAP from a failing gay media outlet. She offers non judgemental, non stigmatising advice to the distraught gay bareback community that the gay ill health sector have created. Dear Dr Lovelace I love my boyfriend dearly but I just can’t help being a liberated fabulous slut… Read More »

Why does the gay ill health sector promote extreme and dangerous sex as fun?

By | 25th May 2019

The gay ill health sector has the mantra that no sexual practice however extreme can be “stigmatised”, condemned or seen as dangerous. However sick, depraved or degrading the act is, no one should be given the advice that it’s not a good idea. In fact they promote the most dangerous and extreme activities as fun… Read More »

Single course of antibiotics may cause irreversible damage to crucial gut bacteria

By | 23rd March 2019

There’s yet another reason to always use a condom so you avoid sexually transmitted infections as much as possible. The Telegraph reports that even a single course of antibiotics “can damage the healthy bacteria in the gut for at least a year and possibly permanently.” For a long time it has been known that antibiotics… Read More »

Hepatitis C and why HIV+ gay men should be using condoms

By | 27th January 2019

When was the last time you heard someone in the gay (ill)health sector explicitly advising HIV+ men that they should use condoms? Quite possibly never. Nearly all HIV+ gay men contracted the virus because they didn’t use a condom. And what is rarely mentioned is that, after their diagnosis, a large percentage of them seem… Read More »

The PrEP Impact Trial – what the news and PrEPsters aren’t telling you

By | 24th January 2019

Reading the news and Tweets from fanatical PrEPsters you might think that the NHS PrEP Impact Trial is a great success. That we’re well on the way to “ending HIV” as they like to claim. News reports and politicians tell us that “many” clinics are now full for gay men. Ten days ago NHS England… Read More »

So you’re a fabulous slut! So now what?

By | 13th January 2019

Have the gay ill health unprofessionals achieved what they desire for 2019? A post condom world, where HIV is destigmatised and condomless sex is “defetishised” and seen as a sign of liberation for the gay community? You are no longer a “bad gay”. Barebacking is the new intimacy, a sign of pleasure for the uninhibited… Read More »

Video illustrates why San Francisco could once again be the starting point for a pandemic amongst gay men

By | 4th December 2018

17,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking PrEP in San Francisco, that’s 37%, according to this video. And you can bet that hardly any of them are using condoms. In fact condoms aren’t mentioned once in the video (agenda revealed). But no surprise there, as its from the website Prepster. Using PrEP… Read More »

PrEP promoters & their hatred of “inhibitions” are a danger to us all

By | 5th November 2018

Some of the people who work in gay “health” and who are the loudest advocates for PrEP seem a little bit weird. Perhaps you’ve sensed that too? They’re keen that no one should be “judged” or “stigmatised” and one wonders whether that stems from reactions they’ve had over the years personally. Not just because some… Read More »