Video illustrates why San Francisco could once again be the starting point for a pandemic amongst gay men

By | 4th December 2018

17,000 men who have sex with men (MSM) are taking PrEP in San Francisco, that’s 37%, according to this video. And you can bet that hardly any of them are using condoms.

In fact condoms aren’t mentioned once in the video (agenda revealed). But no surprise there, as its from the website Prepster.

Using PrEP is described as making sex “safe”. There’s no mention of other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Some of which are readily transmitted by condomless anal sex and could have a serious impact on a person’s life, even as things stand currently.

However some, such as gonorrhea, are becoming resistant to all antibiotics and possibly will be incurable ten years from now. As they’re encouraged to abandon condoms, foolish gay men are being set up like sitting ducks as this potential health disaster approaches.

PrEP is described as allowing gay men to explore their communities. What a sad and empty life when exploring your community means bareback anal sex with strangers with the inevitable high risk of an STI.

How many times can someone squeeze the buzzphrase “game changer” into a video that runs for less than three minutes? It’s like some perverse Radio 4 word game. Another dead giveaway that this is on-message PrEP propaganda straight from the international handbook.

Some people and some cities never learn… San Francisco and New York were ground zero for AIDS amongst gay men at the beginning of the 80s. Seeing this, it’s clear that San Francisco could be again when the next gay pandemic comes along. That could be incurable antibiotic resistant gonorrhea, a weird new strain of HIV or something completely unknown to us again.

In an article in Gay Times, May 1985, Ken Plummer quotes Michael Callan of the Village Voice in New York:

The “sleaze and sex” with 60 partners in a weekend was what caused HIV to spread like wildfire. And what is the message from some of the gay organisations today? That there’s nothing wrong with being a “slut”. Today, unlike back in 1985, the gay media in the UK (and even the BBC) censors anything other than one narrow pro-PrEP narrative.

The truth is, in 2018, we’re creating the same situation again. By sidelining condoms and misleading young gay men into thinking that PrEP removes any risk (“sex withour fear”). By omitting any mention of consequences tomorrow, in the fervor to “end HIV” (which won’t happen). In the obsessive drive to enable sex without awkward questions for the small percentage of gay men who are HIV+ and who still refuse to wear a condom for anal sex (old habits die hard).

In fact the situation is worse now. In general, gay men across the globe are more reckless than they were in 1980. Extreme sexual practices that were barely known about 38 years ago are more widespread. A kind of sexual arms race. The crackpot notion that a bareback gangbang with 25 partners on meth means you are more liberated than the guy who has caring sex with one, using a condom.

All egged on by idealistic but stupid gay health professionals, PrEP promoters and a hyper-sexual, commercialised gay lifestyle and accompanying media.

What is happening is complete madness, with no thought for future consequences. Lessons from history haven’t been learnt.

Back in 1980, some people may have thought that being on antibiotics every other week wasn’t a healthy situation. But no one expected AIDS. Today, some doctors are warning of coming antibiotic resistance, loudly and clearly.

One thing you can be certain of, if thousands of gay men fall ill with incurable gonorrhea, there will be far less sympathy than there was regarding AIDS 35 years ago, because we’ve been warned.

These gay men won’t be having “sex without fear.” They won’t be having sex at all and some will die because, untreated, gonorrhea is fatal in a small percentage of cases.


Dr Massimo Giola, an Infectious Disease and Sexual Health Consultant from the Zealand Government organisation PHARMAC believes that PrEP may only be suitable for a short period of use and not for a whole lifetime. In these videos he talks about how rising STIs are a “catastrophe” in his opinion. He believes that emerging drug resistant gonorrhea could be untreatable by 2030 and looks at how damaging gonorrhea could be in the days before antibiotics.

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