Having HIV is tough – tolerance, side effects, adherence, toxicity ignored

By | 17th September 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations promote HIV as easy to treat, you just take your meds and live a long and happy life. This is positive spin and reality is far different. They are doing the gay community a disservice by not presenting the truth of living with HIV.

This presentation reveals the complexities of HIV treatment, adherence, toxicity, side effects and the tolerance of the patient to the drug regime which can be tough going. Treatment switching is common.

If a young person is sold that HIV is no big deal, it’s just a pill a day and you just get on with your life they are going to be in for a shock when in all likelihood this is not going to be the case. They have been sold a lie.

Taking HIV meds everyday when side effects are real and therefore adherence to these drugs can be problematic for the patient blows away the undetectable=untransmittable bareback agenda in a real life situation.

That is why we at GMAP ask you to think about the ideology that is being peddled by these organisations U=U may be factual but with adherence being an issue, when a HIV positive person says they are undetectable can you really trust that they are? and have been taking their meds regularly? and are you willing to risk HIV infection so you don’t “discriminate” against them? It’s great that someone is undetectable and the virus is under control but that is not a licence for that poz guy to demand you have “condomless” sex with them.

Take your sexual health into your hands and insist on a condom every time. There are too many variables that could go wrong in a real life situation. This isn’t “fear” of HIV as peddled by the bareback friendly gay (ill)health organisation “experts”. But common sense with you taking control and responsibility.


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