Getting young LGBT school children barebacking on HIV meds rather than promoting condoms

By | 24th September 2017

It pains us to say here at GMAP but maybe Thatcher was right with Clause 28 to curb the extremists in the gay community who have gone mainstream in their desire to promote “condomless” sex.

It’s not enough to target “high risk” barebackers who refuse to wear condoms with PrEP. They want to “deshame” and “destigmatise” unprotected sex to a young generation of LGBT citizens. Get ’em barebacking young. They really suffer from “condom stigma”.

Is it a good idea to drug young teenagers with PrEP with no idea of the long term consequences of prolonged drug taking of HIV meds for 30 40 years and getting them out of the habit of using condoms? Not to mention the probability of a resistant strain of HIV to the drug occurring along with the all the other STIs that are rampaging through the gay community.

However the bareback agenda has little to do with sexual health and everything to do with the ideology that condoms hinder sexual pleasure and intimacy and present a visible representation of the guilt and shame poz guys face. Condoms must be “stigmatised” and a “post” condom world created.

Teach schoolchildren about PrEP


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