Another PrEP failure! How many more before people wake up?

By | 26th September 2017

Just imagine it. You are a 50 year old gay man who has been consistently using condoms, a highly effective way of stopping HIV infection which has kept you HIV negative. You then swallow the hype that PrEP is more effective than using condoms as peddled by the Prepstapo. You then decide to abandon the tried and tested condom and use PrEP for “intimacy”, “pleasure”  and because you don’t want to “discriminate” against anyone. We can all be “HIV equal”. How wonderful the new post condom world is.

It must be quite distressing to learn that for all the hype of “nearly 100%” effective that you are the one where PrEP fails with devastating consequences to your health with shocking sickness. Not only that you are HIV positive but your treatment is more difficult as using PrEP has messed up the treatment options for you.

Don’t expect any sympathy from the Prepsters. You are just a minor statistic. It’s far more important to them that all the wonderful bareback sex that is happening. Anyway according to them HIV is no big deal, just pop a few pills every day and join the “poz community”.  Job done.

Amsterdam PrEP failure

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