Long term effects of taking HIV meds being revealed

By | 29th September 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations always push that being HIV positive and taking HIV meds is no big deal, you just take them and live a long and happy life. Some so called experts in these organisations even state you live longer being HIV positive as you have regular check ups and you engage with healthcare provision. This is a manipulation of the truth and causing a lax approach to prevention.

As this true health care professional states HIV medication presents a myriad of health complications that would not occur if you were HIV negative. The toll of these extremely strong medications on the body is now being revealed with long term use. A long list is presented in this video.

Why are these long term conditions hidden from the gay community? Is it because the so called experts in the gay charities who are HIV positive and hate condoms want all HIV negative men barebacking on PrEP with little concern about these medications?

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