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Does “treatment as prevention” equal “I want bareback sex”?

By | 10th August 2017

“If someone is not comfortable about using TASP as a HIV prevention we will discuss other strategies”. That’s good of him! No thought about other STIs that condoms protect against. He is very confident that he is undetectable and will remain so. However this is the big lie of TASP, status CAN change. Many HIV… Read More »

No HIV negative man needs PrEP (video)

By | 10th August 2017

Prepsters want to normalise barebacking in the gay community. Many bareback enthusiasts are HIV positive, highly traumatised by their diagnosis and want to validate their past practices by normalising it, destigmatising it and removing condoms from the equation as it reminds them of the guilt and shame of unprotected sex. Get educated and always wear… Read More »