PrEP: a sign of a terminally ill gay community gone mad (or is it just a manageable condition)

By | 25th January 2017

2016-17 was quite a year not only in mainstream society but also the so called “gay community”. With closing gay bars, nightclubs, saunas, gay stores and the ever increasing violence in and around so called “gay villages” across the country could things get any worse for the beleaguered “gay community”. Oh yes it could. The introduction of the idea that gay men could have unprotected sex by taking the same powerful toxic medication that HIV positive gay men take to stay alive.

This was the year the loving and caring “bareback community” came out of the closet and loudly and proudly proclaimed it was their RIGHT to bareback, their RIGHT to medicate themselves with PrEP as they had the RIGHT to choose their own sexual health strategies as empowered individuals exercisng their gay RIGHT. Anyone who disagreed with their RIGHT was a judgemental slut shaming condom nazi who was old fashioned, out of touch with technology and needed to be silenced with their anti liberal, sexual pleasure, intimacy denying agenda. Gay liberation from the shackles of the evil condom were on the horizon.

PrEP was a “game changer” any gay men could fuck bareback. HIV positive men taking ARV drugs were undergoing “treatment as prevention” and were undetectable could fuck raw and HIV negative men could take PrEP. If we all took anti retroviral drugs we could all have as much unprotected sex as a RIGHT and we could be all “HIV equal” with HIV positive men and HIV negative men able to have their “fear” of HIV transmission removed, no need for a condom.

Who would have thought this ideology would be promoted as a “game changer” or even a good thing to do? Well as the “gay community” is controlled by a VERY tiny minority of gay men in unelected positions they believe to be of “leadership” it seemed a good idea. Above all, no debate would be allowed. PrEP was a “good thing”, with the gay media pushing it for all on the pretence that every gay man agrees it is “needed”. “It’s like the pill was for women” — revolutionary for gay men. Don’t slut shame gay men for barebacking or you are a homophobe!

The annual awards ceremonies have come round where the gay glitterati elite pat each other on the back in fake award givings which simply promote their dying businesses. However this time for services to sexual health we have the PrEP bareback promoters. Is PrEP a “wonder drug”? Apparently not according to doctors. Are there questions to be asked? Apparently so! Will it be used with other “strategies” in the mythical “toolbox” and be the missing piece in the HIV “jigsaw”, we doubt it! A small drop in HIV infections from Chemsex addicted barebackers, some of who have dropped dead could be another explanation rather than PrEP works.

Most gay men are responsible, wear a condom and are HIV negative and simply get on with their lives. However the idea of a homogenous “gay community” is dead and what rises from it in 2017 is a “bareback community” of disease, despair, desperation, and deception. The pretence that somehow a condom was the problem to our liberation when in true fact the problem was ourselves.

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