Six truths about the Prepstapo

By | 1st February 2017

It has become very clear over the last year that the Prepstapo is in full offensive mode to fundamentally change the gay community’s attitude toward unprotected sex and get you barebacking and on PrEP. It’s part of their desire to create more demand for PrEP on the NHS and create a “bareback community” where condoms are seen as a secondary level of protection for HIV and only necessary for other STIs. Which is a lie because HIV can be protected against with a condom. You have no need to “fear” HIV if you wear a condom. That is “sex without fear”.

How will they achieve their aims to create a bareback gay community? Here is how they are going to spin it.

1. PrEP is for EVERYONE
PrEP will be sold as “the right thing to do” and all sexually active gay men would benefit from PrEP as it gives peace of mind and the “fear” of HIV would be removed. Why wouldn’t you take it? There will be peer pressure and emotional blackmail, that not being on PrEP would be risking infection “with or without” a condom. The only issue would be if another gay man who was taking more risk than you would “need” it more. This is of course a lie, they want to create a bareback community and get you barebacking.

2. PrEP is a licence to bareback
PrEP has previously been sold as “additional” protection to condoms. This has now been switched and condoms are the “additional protection” for protection from “other” STIs. PrEP is now sold as a licence to bareback if you choose not wear condoms. We are now being sold a lie that “gay men don’t like condoms” by the Prepstapo.

3.PrEP users are sluts
There is nothing wrong with having a difference of opinion, that unprotected sex makes you a disease spreading slut that doesn’t care about yourself or your partner. The Prepstapo will use every liberal bone in their bodies to silence you. They will claim you are “judgemental” “slut shaming” and you are a “piece of shit.”They can be very aggressive. When in truth it is they who are pieces of shit: selfish, irresponsible troubled individuals. Many are chemsex addicts with mental health issues. Obsessed with anal sex and cum swapping to the exclusion of all the other sexy things that we gay men can do. Risking their lives for that ultimate bareback shag. You should have no problem judging their behaviour as anti social.

4. PrEP is too expensive to be on the NHS
Prepsters will claim it is “cost effective” for the NHS as if someone is infected with HIV the lifetime cost is more. This is a manipulation of the truth. They simply want to bareback and not wear condoms which cost pennies. PrEP users are also riddled with other STIs, PrEP trials prove it, which cost money to treat and monitoring of PrEP is expensive. The future costs of HIV negative men using PrEP are unclear as there may be health implications in the long term which require NHS treatment. Again condoms cost pennies and have no side effects. The more gay men on PrEP who would normally wear condoms but abandon them the more cost to the NHS and more STIs. Some will become untreatable.

5.PrEP is a magic pill that solves everything
The Prepstapo spin that continually going to the clap clinic to be monitored is a good thing to do as it picks up STIs “early” and PrEP stops the “biggy” HIV. They want you to believe STIs are easy to catch. But they are not if you wear a condom. PrEP monitoring is required as the meds can cause bone density, liver and kidney damage. Hardly a magic pill. To be a barebacker who is continually being infected with STIs is self harming and a sign of a mental illness it is not a gay right, as they sell it to you. The sexual health nurse will pick up on this and want you to have counselling. This is not “stigma” or “slut shaming” it is an indication you are a danger to yourself and society.

6.All you need to do is take PrEP and other safer sex practices be damned
Here’s where the Prepstapo really go into double speak and manipulation mode. They hate you mentioning other STIs as a condom protects you from HIV AND other STIs. The way they get round this is by talking about “risk” and the amount of “risk” you are willing to take. They will talk about “pleasure” and “intimacy” and “risk compensation”. They want you barebacking, they hate condoms and want to create a bareback community.

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