“Feelings” and Politically Correct Ideology have caused countless HIV infections and will continue to do so

By | 17th February 2017

In the fantasy world of the gay elite, the gay (ill) health charities, the Prepster (bareback) advocates and the gay media “feelings” will always trump facts, logic and downright common sense. They have a rigid ideology, a liberal fascism that they are right and their mantra must be followed.

All dissenters are seen as self hating homosexuals and community “resisters” who must be silenced, coerced or bullied into agreeing what they have deemed to be the correct “on message” ideology at any given time. This mantra and message is ever changing and adapting to coerce more of the LGBT community to agree with them. A forever changing message of spewing buzzwords, contradictory statements and language that even they struggle to keep up with or understand. It’s reached a point even they have no idea what they are saying.

The bottom line is that “feelings” not FACTS are important to them and here is where we come to PrEP. The most ridiculous idea of them all in the “fight” against HIV. It’s “feelings” and “choice” that is the true “fight” and the “rights” of gay men to choose their own safe sex strategy in the mythical toolshed in the ever growing jigsaw puzzle of buzzword bullshit. The right to choose condomless sex. Sounds wonderful doesn’t it?

Facts, logic and common sense reveal gay men can protect themselves from HIV and other STIs with a condom. Cheap, effective, visible protection with no side effects. However that message over the past 15 to 20 years has been lost with an ever growing industry of gay mens health based on “feelings” so we have reached a point in that HIV negative men are being marketed PrEP a HIV medication to treat HIV positive infection so they can have unprotected sex. A drug with serious long term health consequences and constant need to be monitored just because they have “feelings” and need a “choice” in a consumer driven society where the individuals “need” usurps any collective responsibility.

It does get worse, HIV is an ever mutating virus, its very clever, there is a resistant strain out there and its spread is inevitable with more gay men believing that PrEP is a vaccine and a licence to bareback. Add to this untreatable STIs coming very soon to a gay community near you and it’s a disaster on the horizon.

But none of this matter as “feelings” and “choice” are what the LGBTQ community desire, or so we are told by the very small number of those unelected community leaders, HIV doctors, reformed chemsex bareback promoters or the gay media. Who have systematically normalised, destigmatised and legitimised “condomless” sex on the premise that HIV positive men would be offended or face “stigma” on the back of uttering the “wear a condom” being quite a good idea.

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