Undetectable = Uninfectious? It’s not that simple

By | 3rd March 2017

If you thing unprotected sex with a HIV+ man who claims to be “undetectable” is safe sex, think again. Firstly you should NEVER take at face value what any person tells you to be the truth regarding their HIV status and abdicate responsibility to your partner.

Secondly even if at their last test a HIV+ gay men was “undetectable” that status can change especially if they are a barebacker who has unprotected sex.

Undetectable is just a “snapshot” in time at the time of the last test. Things change, such as getting ill, getting another STI, being run down or simple “blips” where viral loads can spike.

Many barebackers are sneaky and will say they are undetectable but if you want to use condoms that’s your “choice”. Obviously the barebacker wants you NOT to wear a condom. If infected with HIV it was therefore “your choice”. Protect yourself, take personal responsibility and wear a condom, don’t give in to this creeping bareback acceptance movement.

Be very cautious and don’t believe the hype of Undetectable = Uninfectious. Wear a condom.

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