Bug chasing and gift giving is what PrEP is all about

By | 4th March 2017

The gay (ill)health organisations have always dismissed bug chasing and gift giving as an “urban myth”. It clearly isn’t and it is tied very much into the PrEP/bareback agenda which is being promoted to the gay community.

As we have previously said unprotected bareback sex is very different in the gay community compared to the straight world. Bareback sex has been fetishised and the contraction of a chronic incurable sexually transmitted disease somehow glorified as a “right of passage”, a second coming out. As though you have joined some kind of wonderful loving “poz community”.

To the barebacking bug chaser its not the supposed “intimacy” of condomless sex that is being enjoyed, it’s the risk of contracting HIV, the thrill of Russian Roulette that’s the turn on. It’s a serious mental health issue, it’s self harming and abusive to others. Chemsex bareback or “poz parties” are simply mentally ill gay men abusing their bodies, bareback sex is not gay liberation or equality for gay men.

PrEP should be highly stigmatised as a pill for mental cases who can’t stop self harming and abusing others. PrEP is “care in the community” which aims to stop these bug chasers from catching and spreading HIV. Ultimately it will fail as the thrill of contracting HIV is somewhat removed, which is what their sex is all about.

Normalising and destigmatising the practice of bareback sex will only create more problems as other gay men fall into this cesspool of depravity where disease is fetishised, glorified and is presented as a cuddly “community”. You cannot have a community of self harm.

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