Why do the gay health sector want you to feel like a helpless victim?

By | 25th May 2019

The gay (ill) health sector are the marketing merchants of fear, anxiety and hopelessness to the gay community. As ever, they portray gay men as helpless victims of a cruel homophobic society which cares little about us, making us mentally ill. Layered onto this is the 30 years of the killer disease in our community which “disproportionately” affects us – HIV. They are obsessed with marketing the idea we are haunted by the spectre of HIV in the bedroom which has significantly impacted our sex lives. For 30 years we have been having, cue the buzzphrase “sex with fear”. Even if you have never thought about it in this manner, they tell you this is the truth. They sell you this “fear” and anxiety through everything they say and do. You are a helpless, hopeless homosexual not in control of your life due to societal homophobic stigma.

You are a victim to be “saved” by them and their crackpot policies. They engineer the fear and then offer solutions, which of course, does not involve condoms. The condom, to them, is a visible sign of how HIV has dictated our sex lives and stopped us having “the sex we want”. You will see this buzzphrase pop up time and time again now.

Condoms can never be the answer, their effectiveness must be undermined and marketed as pleasure deniers. To the gay ill health unprofessionals condoms are a sign of our fear of HIV.

It is an inconvenient truth, to those HIV positive gay men that lead the gay (ill) health sector that condoms work in preventing HIV and STIs and have “saved” thousands of gay men for HIV infection. If they had used one they would not be HIV positive. They cannot admit they were reckless, irresponsible or made a “mistake” in protecting themselves from HIV by wearing a condom because they were having, what they believe to be “the sex they want” and were entitled to as gay men. They were the helpless victims and see HIV as a “punishment” for having “the sex they want” not a consequence of irresponsible reckless behaviour. Being infected by HIV was just bad luck to them as they were having “the sex they want”, how cruel and unfair.

The gay ill health sector believe unprotected sex is the sex we all “want” and “deserve” marketed as “sex without shame”. HIV stigma has moved on from treating positive people with respect and dignity. To them HIV stigma is asking a HIV positive gay man to wear a condom. It’s not HIV stigma they are fighting, its the bareback stigma. They see it as a human right to have unprotected/condomless sex. They will sell this idea because, they believe and sell, that everyone is having bareback sex and they are entitled to it to. This is under the cover of “sexual health equality”. This is why the gay ill health unprofessionals either undermine the effectiveness of condoms or simply don’t mention them at all! Condoms are highly stigmatised.

Testing is the answer we are told by the gay (ill) health sector

Having given up on promoting condoms for good sexual health they falsely sell the idea of testing as ending HIV. But this is not about protecting you the individual from HIV infection. It’s about protecting the wider community from you going around infecting others. Testing is a double edged sword. If you are having unprotected sex and test negative it can inspire you to continue as you believe HIV won’t happen to you, as you got away with it. However their is always the fear  and anxiety that you will be infected when you go for that test. If the gay ill health sector promoted “test and protect” rather than test test test all the time the fear and anxiety wouldn’t occur. Testing would just be an annual check up, confirming that condom use protects you from HIV and STIs. However the gay ill health sector want you to live in perpetual fear and that testing positive is simply bad luck from having “the sex you want”. You were a helpless victim.

PrEP is the answer and they will market it so you can have the “sex you want”

With eroding condoms as ineffective, wrongly stating they only work 80% of the time, they instil more fear and anxiety into the gay community. Taking toxic ARV meds (PrEP) and having unprotected condomless sex is sold as the “sex you want”, more pleasurable than the evil condom. The more gay men fall for this marketing the more STIs will occur, be spread and become untreatable. Again more fear and anxiety in the gay community. They want to normalise unprotected sex, fight the bareback stigma so condom users are demonised.

Why don’t they fear other STIs?

It’s an inconvenient truth that condoms protect you from STIs as well as HIV. With STIs at epidemic levels and now oral sex now a risk, as we predicted, why don’t the gay ill health sector promote condoms to lessen the risk? They don’t. Their answer again is test test test, instil a cycle of fear into the gay community with sex becoming sex with lots of fear.

The answer they don’t want you to hear

Condoms are the answer, consistent condom use will protect you from HIV. You can avoid the cesspool of disease, despair, fear and anxiety that barebacking brings by simply wearing a condom. You will never be a victim if you wear a condom as condoms work. However the highly traumatised HIV positive men that lead the gay ill health sector cannot accept this. The wrong sick and disordered will continue to promote the perpetual cycle of fear in the gay community because they themselves thrive from the sexual ill health of the gay community. It’s their career. Their and your victimhood.


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