Raw is the Law. How the gay ill health sector destroyed gay mens sexual health

By | 4th February 2020

How have we got to the point in 2020 where young gay men feel the need to take powerful medication, meant originally to treat HIV positive men, and use it as a way of having unprotected “condomless” sex to stop the anxiety of being infected with HIV and to feel  “liberated”? We have read tweets from young gay men who have felt immense pressure to ditch the condoms or go without sex – that “raw is the law” now within the gay community. This is what 20 years of the gay ill health sectors complex “toolbox” and “combination” strategies have brought to the gay community. It is shameful.

Just reread that and let it sink in. If you transported anyone from 25 years ago and read them that statement they would think you were crazy or indeed mentally ill. Yet times move on and this is how it is. But how did we get to this point in the wonderful world of gay men’s sexual health and who is responsible for this?

ARV drugs were developed and became available around 1996 and 1997 it was certainly great news that HIV was no longer a death sentence and those gay men who had contracted the disease in the 80s (they didn’t know how to stop it) could be treated along with those who made the odd mistakes along way and their lives could be prolonged.

However from this point HIV was not seen as a death sentence but a “manageable condition”. The gay (ill)health organisations latched onto the idea that having HIV was “no big deal”. The theory goes, and it is just a theory, that if HIV is no longer a scary death sentence you can get more gay men to test for HIV and get them onto treatment so they don’t die.

However this notion that HIV is “no big deal” and you can live a long and happy life has had unforeseen consequences. It led to the belief that if one gets HIV it doesn’t really matter as it’s a “manageable condition”.

Alongside this was the notion that safe sex was no longer as simple as “wear a condom”. Whether you were HIV+ or negative you were presented with all sorts of bizarre so-called “safer sex strategies”. These were badly thought out and made safe gay sex more complicated; the safe sex “toolbox” was born. The toolbox of deception.

Instead of just saying “wear a condom” you could use other means, supposedly, to have “safer sex”. Notice the term “safer” not “safe sex” was introduced in this period.

Strategies included “communicating” with your partners whether they were positive or negative, pulling out before you cum (like a porn star), that you are less likely to get HIV if you are a top and don’t fuck after fisting (this once extreme subculture activity was increasingly normalised). Somehow testing regularly could “protect” you from HIV infection through responsible group action.

How many gay men took this advice on board, didn’t wear a condom all the time, and became infected? We will never know but the stats show many did. HIV infections increase from 2000 onwards.

In the “good old days” when condoms were seen as the only safe sex strategy, rather than the mythical toolbox, you took responsibility for yourself and proudly wore a condom. It was an unspoken rule.

This meant that HIV negative men could have sex with HIV positive men with no HIV transmission, great news — we could all be united in the fight against HIV and protect ourselves against HIV, there was no divide.

The gay (ill)health organisations had other ideas though — to divide the gay community, as many HIV positive men who hated condoms and no longer were dying joined these charities to come up with new strategies. Based on failed strategies that had made them HIV positive.

A bizarre strategy, which they have gone back on now and confused matters further, was “serosorting”. It is linked with “communication” and (hopelessly) relies on gay men telling the truth. It is truly a fairy tale world the gay (ill)health so called experts live in.

Before you had unprotected or “condomless” sex with them, you would grill your partner:  when they had their last HIV test, who they had slept with, their sexual history including whether they had slept with a poz guy, if they were sleazy, how often they had unprotected sex and whether they were positive or negative at their last test.

You tell me you are HIV negative from 3 months ago and you slept with 6 guys who also said they were negative therefore you are HIV negative and I did them same – safer sex! Lunacy.

Or if you are HIV positive and I’m HIV positive what meds are you on, oh we take the same meds so have the same strain of HIV so we can have bareback sex. The HIV divide was born, which conveniently meant the gay (ill)health organisations could fight this “stigma” in the future.

This toolbox of deception and a multitude of safer sex strategies, which really aren’t, has led the gay (ill)health organisations to the point where condoms aren’t an essential part but an inconvenient add-on which can be discarded with the use of PrEP. The same strong medication that HIV positive men take to keep them alive.

The safer sex toolbox in itself has been replaced by a “combination” approach. They will continue to relentlessly bang on about TaSP (treatment as prevention) and that you can fuck undetectable guys bareback without any fear of HIV infection. Not doing so is denying science and discriminatory in a “post condom world”, they say.

And continual testing, especially if you are a barebacker. But always remember “anyone can catch HIV” as condoms aren’t reliable and only work 70% of the time. Which of course is a manipulated statistic. They have actually ramped up the fear of HIV  so the message can be not just a condom but the “combination” approach. How devious.

According to the so called “experts” you now have a “choice” in your safer sex strategy. What they really mean is you have a “choice” to bareback and have condomless sex with whoever you choose; with no questions asked if you take PrEP or if you have HIV and are “undetectable”. Other STIs are conveniently ignored, some becoming untreatable due to a decrease in condom use but not an issue just yet. We must live in hope not fear is the strapline.

condoms and lubeMost gay men use a condom and protect themselves. However a small minority and it is a very small minority don’t. They must be pandered to and not “stigmatised”, so they access PrEP and protect themselves from HIV.

Well that’s the theory. However we are seeing the results of this continued downward spiral of hatred for the condom. Bareback must be “deshamed”. Remember, no “slut shaming” so barebackers access clinics. How many gay men now believe, as they are told, they have a “gay right” to the sex they want which is “condomless” sex? The consequences can be dire.

“Consent” to sex now has to be explained to young gay men and that the 2, 3 or more parties involved have to agree what sex they want. In the good old days you popped on a condom and got on with it!

We are seeing more and more sexual assaults of young gay men even between friends and surprise surprise its bareback assaults. We have said regularly that bareback is about domination, power, humiliation and is abusive and these assaults prove this to be the case. Yet we are told by the gay ill health brigade that its all about pleasure, intimacy and being “sex positive”. It is my gay right to have the sex I want and sod the consequences on others.

Its hyper sexual consumerism. The gay (ill)health charities have brought us to this, however no one can speak out as they have imposed their non judgemental, no slut shaming bareback agenda on us.

Any dissenters are bullied and called “condom nazis”. They deny the science and have the problem. Risk is seen as good and part of a fulfilling sex life and disease the result of great sex! Incredible. These people are lunatics.

Long term effects of the drugs are ignored. Drug resistance strains of HIV coming along soon. PrEP has become a gay right to bareback and evil comparisons are made that “your mother was a barebacker!”.

The gay (ill)health organisations have brought us to this point but claim their “combination” strategy all along was a victory. Look around you on apps and the gay media at the mental trauma and bareback cesspools of depravity . Created by complex strategies and a politically correct agenda that insists no one can be “stigmatised”.

Bareback has been normalised and presented as desirable. No wonder young gay men have been convinced “raw is the law” and being a “fabulous slut” is the way forward in 2020 to have a sex life. A sex life designed by condom hating, evil middle aged perverts, who get off thinking about the gay community having unprotected sex and shooting their poz loads up negative guys arses. Cheeky they say. We say they are wrong sick and disordered. You need a strong cup of coffee to swallow their nonsense.

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