The Relationship between PrEP and STIs isn’t complex its obvious

By | 29th January 2022

The gay ill health non-experts sold PrEP to HIV negative men as “sex without fear”. It’s a laughable but dangerous message that was sent out to gay men and highly disingenuous. It was part of their bareback agenda to erase condoms from all sexual health messaging. Sexual health does not end with taking a PrEP pill daily and ignore any other STI as they are treatable (so far) and just test on a regular basis. However this is their (failing) strategy based on that no sexual practice can be “stigmatised”. Their “risk reduction” strategy rather than “safe sex” strategy with consistent condom use, which they implemented 20 years ago, has been a disaster and is now reaching an end point.


What is the gay ill health non-experts response to the growing epidemic of STIs?

A rational gay man with common sense would be promoting the hell out of condoms as an effective way of avoiding STIs of all kinds for anal sex. But as we see in their campaigns, especially with syphilis, they do not mention condoms once. It’s shocking that government money is being given to these organisations who have erased condoms from all messaging. Their answer as always is test test test.

Claiming the relationship between PrEP and STIs is complex when its obvious

Lets be honest. PrEP users abandon condom use altogether when before they did use condoms but inconsistently. Condomless sex is the most common route for STIs to infect you. Once you start barebacking you fall into a cesspool of gay men who have consistent STIs and rely on antibiotics to “solve” the problem. Being a condom user you avoid these bareback fetishists and the likelihood of being infected as they don’t want to hook up with you.

The gay ill health unprofessionals state PrEP is a great intervention tool for HIV and with 3 monthly check up with tests for all STIs they can be caught and treated. In fact they state its a good thing that more STIs are being found as they can be treated and stop the PrEP user “passing it on” and it “breaks the chain” on infection. If that was the case surely we would now be seeing dramatic drops in STIs rather than the opposite if their strategy is an effective one?

A gay mens health disaster is here and now

Due to the gay ill health sectors refusal to promote condoms or even mention them in sexual health campaigns we are reaching a very serious end point. That being that STIs are becoming highly resistant to antibiotic treatments. Shigella is the latest one with a sharp increase in a resistant strain compared to only a year ago.

Super Gonorrhea is on the rise. It’s not easily treatable with a course of antibiotics. If diagnosed at a clinic the nurse has to get permission from the Director to treat you as the drug (injections in your arse) are very expensive. You will also likely be hospitalised and put on a drip. Was that bareback “liberated” fuck with a stranger really worth a hospital visit? Was that really “sex without fear” that the gay ill health non-expert sold you a reality?

Sexual health nurses recently on a twitter podcast said STIs were at an “insane” level in the gay community. This is the end point of the gay ill health sectors lunatic “risk reduction” strategy and hatred and erasure of the condom. Yes testing is important for HIV and STIs but you can avoid them by using the humble condom for anal sex in the first place, or do other sexy things with partners. At the end of the day you have to do what’s best for you. But after 30 years as a gay man who lived through the AIDS crisis I have never had an STI as I have used condoms consistently and avoided barebackers. Something the gay ill health unprofessionals in their cesspool of disease will find astounding.

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