Avoid the gay lifestyle, scene and the sex propaganda the gay exploiters peddle

By | 29th January 2022

Lets face it, the gay ill health sector, scene bars, publications and media outlets are just shallow exploitative organisations. They’re eager to exploit your insecurities and sell you a fake gay fantasy lifestyle that is never achievable. In fact it risks destroying you.

For some, HIV is the second “coming out”. But, for the rest of us, it is that sort of unhinged thinking that caused us to realise just how crazy the gay world can be. It may take a few years before you see it and have this epiphany.

You’ll come to realise that the supposed “safe space” of the gay scene, the lifestyle dream peddled by gay magazines and the sexual “liberation” of barebacking countless strangers on PrEP is superficial nonsense spewed out by Prepsters. Sad individuals who are trapped in woke identity politics, live vacuous lives and whose “gay identity” is all they have.

It is a myth that this “gay community” is on your side, has your best interests at heart and wants you to be a happy well adjusted gay man enjoying life – integrated into the wider community. In reality it is completely the opposite. These gay capitalist exploiters are preying on you, grooming you into lifestyle choices which will destroy you financially, emotionally and health wise. They want you trapped in a hell-hole cesspit circling in a never ending routine of chasing a hedonistic dream that will destroy you. All a far-cry from the “pleasure” and “intimacy” they claim.

The gay exploiters, the “glitterati”, work in co-operation, a triumvirate of despicable gays ready to sell you an unachievable fantasy of excess: drink, drugs, sex. It will dehumanise and destroy you but of course they will be waiting to offer “help” when you hit rock bottom and they are eager to grab as much public funding as they can so they can do this.

walking deadThe gay media, publications and porn industry set the agenda. What it is to be “gay” and what the ideal “gay lifestyle” is: to be lived, loved and enjoyed. This is the starting point to prey on your insecurities.

They plant the idea that perhaps you aren’t good looking enough and need styling, botox, and a gym membership. A smooth buff body is essential. At the other end of the extreme is the idea you can be fabulously fat to “fit in” to the “bear” community. They even have Fat Pride!

To go with this you need to change your wardrobe every 6 month. Designer labels for the new season, all at great expense. Or fetish gear to fit into whatever identity takes your fantasy. Being a puppy in a dog mask is the latest trend, with a dildo tail stuck up your arse. Don’t worry if you can’t afford it, just put it on the credit card. It’s what gays do. If you haven’t made it fake it.

Porn studios sell the sex you should be having, always bareback of course, with cum dumping being the ultimate fulfilling lifestyle choice. Being a cum whore is sold by the twisted gay ill health loons. Liberation on PrEP and U=U eases the anxiety of condomless sex. Lets forget about all the other STIs swirling around in the cesspool, as they are treatable (so far).

The gay bars want your money. They want you addicted to alcohol, coming back week after week. Pissed up in their bars until you are too old, unattractive, ill and addicted.  They don’t care about your health, your liver and certainly not your sexual safety.

Gay areas across the country in major cities are dying. Many closing because decent gays and lesbians have realised and deserted them. Choosing instead to integrate into society.

What are left are the tragedy queens, who have fallen for the hype about a “gay community”. The lie peddled by the exploiters. They are being groomed but believe they are the cream of the crop. The “A-list Gays”. In reality they are deluded and in the cesspool of disaster being preyed on and exploited.

Chemsex is a word made up by the gay ill health sector, to make drug taking seem sexy, subversive and a glamorous part of the gay lifestyle. The reality for some gay men is drugs being used in a “date rape” type situation. Substances are used to immobilise, knock out partners who then can’t remember what happened. Ideal for a predatory bareback rapist and we’re told that “chemsex” drug-taking shouldn’t be “stigmatised”.

Here’s where the gay ill health organisations come in with their “help”. Often located close by to the disaster zone “safe space” of the gay scene, how convenient. Whole campaigns are based on “not telling gay men what to do” when it comes to wearing a condom and illegal drugs. Nothing can be stigmatised.

They present “options” for you, even if some will put you in danger, such as believing what gay men tell you about their HIV status and infection level. Promoting a healthy lifestyle and good sexual health is counter productive to these organisations. Their careers are based on “helping”, therefore a “victim” mentality has to be fostered. The idea that gay men are all hopeless homosexuals, incapable of putting on a condom, living a healthy lifestyle and doing anything in moderation. They don’t want to stigmatise barebacking sex and drug addiction. Why would they? The more victims the more funding opportunities for them.

You have to do you. Cut through the crap the gay ill health sector and the capitalist exploiters sell you. Don’t fall for the predatory barebacker who is focused on condomless sex and his own pleasure and intimacy. Remember that the gay ill health non-expert is wrong, sick and disordered, swirling in his victimhood. A tragedy queen.

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