Dangerous woke misinformation from HIV advocates during HIV testing week

By | 9th February 2022

MedsHIV testing week runs every year in February to highlight the importance of HIV testing, so people know their status. They can get a simple HIV test which they can do at home or go to a sexual Health clinic.

HIV advocates, most of whom are HIV positive, and some of whom are chemsex drug users past or present with mental health issues, give information, advice and guidance on HIV. People who have failed to keep themselves safe from HIV are advising us. You couldn’t make it up. However in 2022 they are now so woke they are giving dangerous misinformation to gay men and others in the wider community.

Here is some of the dangerous misinformation they give out in TV interviews, tweets, tiktoks, youtube videos and the like.

“Anyone can get HIV”

HIV advocates claim anyone can get HIV. It’s true the virus does not discriminate on sexuality, sex or race. However it is a sexually transmitted disease and is a blood borne virus. It’s important in the era of Covid that it’s made clear that HIV is not an airborne virus.

“Anyone who has any sexual activity can get HIV”

Its completely untrue that any sexual activity can result in HIV infection. Kissing, wanking or oral sex are safe things to do. Gay men having anal sex and using a condom is also a safe activity. Condoms are a barrier method where fluids are not exchanged. Gay ill health non experts have exaggerated the breakage of condoms during anal sex to sell the idea of  replacement with PrEP. If having sex over a long period of time its good to change the condom and of course apply lots of lubrication.

Male couple on a sofa

“Heterosexuals are more at risk than gay men for HIV”

This is the most crazy and dangerous statement that we’ve seen these hard of thinking HIV advocates state during HIV testing week. HIV infections in the heterosexual community in the UK are now slightly higher, at 55% of all infections, and gay sex infections are at 45%. Infections in the gay community have fallen 70% in the last few years but that was from at an all time high in 2014. HIV advocates claim the falling rate is due to community awareness of PrEP for negative gay men and U=U messaging for those who are HIV positive.

However gay men are only around 3% of the population and yet they account for 45% of infections, while 97% of the population account for the other 55%. Gay men are MASSIVELY more at risk because they make up nearly half of the infections. Its terrible that HIV advocates are allowed to keep on saying this in TV interviews and articles.

The risk is that young gay men will become complacent, think that HIV is no longer an issue in the gay community, and will behave in the same way as their straight friends! This is dangerous woke propaganda.

Why do HIV advocates sell this dangerous misinformation propaganda?
The HIV non experts want to “destigmatise” HIV as a gay disease and disengage it from those traumatising non-woke iceberg ads of the 1980s. But in the UK it is a disease which disproportionately affects the gay community.

The idea that HIV can affect anyone is part of their skewed thinking. Claiming that any sexual activity is a HIV risk, is a shameful scare tactic designed to free these particular HIV positive gay men from the guilt they feel about their infection and past sexual behaviour.

With this misinformation, the sector has reached an all time low and is no longer fit for purpose. However its good to see on twitter that they are being called out.

A wake up call perhaps? But they are deep in their woke ideology and are unlikely to change their ways…

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