Dens of Depravity – the true problem gay charities refuse to face in the fight against HIV

By | 3rd December 2016

We have said it before and we will say it again, taking PrEP is a sign of a gay man who has severe mental health issues. A self harmer, who has low self esteem, feels his life is worthless and is self deceiving himself that barebacking gives an intimate pleasurable connection with his gay brothers.

The idea of PrEP is that you give the self harming barebacker, who is constantly at the clap clinic presenting numerous diseases up his arse or affecting his cock, the same toxic medications as a HIV positive gay man. To keep him negative and more importantly so he doesn’t infect others.

However that is all very superficial and neglects the truth that there is a subculture of very mentally ill gay men who get turned on by the risk of getting infected by HIV or, if HIV positive, gets off on infecting others. It’s called “bug chasing” and “gift giving”. The gay (ill) health charities reject this reality as a “myth”. It’s not, it’s the truth which you can see on bareback dating websites and more subtly on “normal” dating apps.

And here’s the deal breaker, as barebacking is “destigmatised” and PrEP promoted and normalised, gay men who would never have thought of not wearing a condom will be pulled into this subculture by self deceiving addicts who wish to increase their cesspool of gay men. Result: more infections not less as condoms are stigmatised as less “intimate” and “pleasurable”. Gay sex is defined as condomless anal, anything else is pointless and not worth doing.

The whole point of condomless sex for the mentally ill barebacker is the thrill of the chance of infection. Yet they deceive themselves that it’s about gay liberation and freedom. It’s not, it’s about degrading and sexually abusing themselves and others.

PrEP won’t work long term because the barebacker seeks the thrill of possible infection. PrEP removes that “thrill” or “fear” as the gay (ill) health charities miss sell it. That is why in all surveys PrEP users, who were reckless barebackers don’t take the pill consistently. They want to be HIV positive and join the “poz community” which they believe is how they can make connections, like going on “poz pub crawls”.

These gay men are seriously mentally ill, PrEP will not solve this problem but exacerbate HIV infections further. As we have said before you wouldn’t give a vodka bottle to an alcoholic free on the NHS so they can continue self harming themselves and others and normalising that behaviour to others whilst going on about mythical “stigma”.


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