Thinking of abandoning condoms? Will it truly make gay life more fulfilling?

By | 3rd December 2016

The Prepsters will manipulate and coerce you into believing that Pre-AIDS everything was wonderful and liberating for gay men sexually with everyone banging each other with no consequences. It’s a complete lie.

Documentaries and films show supposed gay life in the 70s as wonderful times where everyone was having multiple partners would go to clubs, backrooms, cruising areas with little consequences. Life was great! However this like now only relates to a very small number of gay men who are immersed in the superficial gay scene. Have been sold the propaganda of a “gay ideal” and are simply gullible stupid gay men, easily exploitable by ruthless businesses. Most gay men were, as now, getting on with life in general, working on their careers, getting homes and mortgages along with hobbies and interests away from the gay scene. Some even had successful relationships, shock horror!

Most gay men, as today, would look on with disgust or pity to see how this subculture of depravity acted, with queues outside the clap clinic every Monday, then repeat the next weekend. Those gay men who blamed anyone but themselves for their lifestyle choice, playing up as tragic victims with stories to tell with no proper job, instability and flakiness.

Today we have the same tragic subculture who try to portray themselves as the “norm”. They delude themselves that they are liberated gay men. They come up with pathetic terms such as “homoradical” to hide behind due to their mental illness and stupidity. They come up with nonsense buzzwords to silence other gay men who they claim are being “judgemental”, “slut shaming” and fostering (the magic word) “stigma”. They believe that somehow their behaviour is justified in a liberal society and they can do whatever they wish. Selfish uncaring devious individuals. They consider condom users “virgins” in surveys and coerce barebackers in taxpayer paid university “research”. Shameful.

Will you fall for this PrEP bareback agenda? Will you join in with these delusional addicts just so you don’t “stigmatise” them? It’s what they want, to normalise their extreme self-harming behaviour in the wider community. In the “good old days” these broken individuals didn’t have a platform. Unfortunately now they are all over social media spewing their bullshit and hold high positions throughout the country in “gay health organisations”.

Most gay men just get on with life, wear a condom for sex, it’s no big deal. Will you fall for the PrEP hype and fall into this sick twisted bareback subculture? Only you can take that decision. At GMAP we hope you take the right one.

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