Moaning and Misery – How the gay ill health sector lost its gay audience

By | 8th November 2018

Have you noticed recently how no one engages with the gay ill health sector? Either through Facebook or Twitter? No one comments on any of their posts with few likes either!

They are an echo chamber of moaning and miserable sods wallowing in victimhood, endlessly banging on about “stigma” and how hard done to they are and that we should be “celebrating” barebackers being responsible taking PrEP. Who wants to read that crap constantly? No wonder they have lost the majority of their gay audience who find it a massive turn off and not reflective of the gay lives we lead.

Like a car crash on a motorway, its human nature to slow down, look, be shocked and learn from the experience. Learn that you will drive more carefully. It’s a cautionary tale and acts as a warning to you that recklessness has a price. You then however move on with your life and say, oh dear, how sad, never mind.

It’s the same with the car crash gays who are running rampant in the gay ill health sector and who want you to join their car crash lifestyle. You simply look on in horror, think what a moaning and miserable twat wallowing in self pity, he hasn’t learnt any lessons, and simply drive on in your life. Thankful you aren’t like that and from the experience you learn to avoid gays like him.

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Over the past few years the gay health sector has moved from being a champion of gay men’s sexual health and a healthy lifestyle. Promoting condoms, testing and sex just being part of a healthy lifestyle. To one where being a barebacking cumdump slag shooting up drugs and fucking raw is “uninhibited” “liberated” “intimate” and aspirational. Disease isn’t to be “feared” but a consequence of great sex just take PrEP. If you are a condom user, you are a self hating homophobe who isn’t liberated like the “fabulous slut”.

Who wants to be told (wrongly) gay sex is about risk, danger, disease and death? Who wants to be told (wrongly) we have been having sex with fear for the past 35 years? Who wants to be told (wrongly) condoms don’t work? Who wants to be told wearing a condom is a sign you aren’t liberated but are a self hating homophobe? Who wants to be “re-educated” by HIV positive men that we should be having unprotected sex with them and let them cum inside us for their sexual fulfilment and if we don’t we are stigmatising them? Who wants to be told they are a condom Nazi? Who wants to be guilt tripped, shamed and “re-educated” from tried and tested safe sex practices in such an aggressive demanding manner? No one, because the bareback agenda is stupid and makes no sense.

What has happened in the past 2 years with the push for PrEP is any opposition has been aggressively silenced online by the bareback PrEP promoting trolls. They think they can “re-educate” the gay population, get them to abandon condoms and live in some kind of fabulous post condom world. It simply hasn’t worked. They can bang on about fighting “stigma” and “shame” but no one wants to hear gay men portrayed as whiny little victims, potentially being infected with HIV because they couldn’t be arsed wearing a condom. It portrays us all in a selfish reckless irresponsible manner. Who wants to be a part of that?

They may continue to bang on about U=U, PrEP stigma and bareback shaming but no one’s listening in their echo chamber. Gays have moved on from the car crash, the M=M Moaning=Misery.

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