Victims, Victims Everywhere (VIDEO)

By | 11th November 2018

Brave people on both the left and right are now speaking out to challenge the sort of behaviour that we see regularly from the PrEPsters, gay health professionals and LGBT media.

Some academics say that gender and identity politics have become a form of secular religion. Practiced by intolerant extremists who claim to be on the left but behave more like fascists. It is a particular problem at some universities in the United States where it threatens balanced teaching. Academics have lost their jobs and they and their families have received threats.

The concern is that this is migrating into the businesses sphere including some of the most powerful companies such as Google, which recently fired a member of staff for suggesting there are differences between men and women.

In this discussion at Portland University you’ll recognise many of the tools and tactics that we see being used in relation to PrEP and more widely by self-appointed “opinion formers” and activists in the LGBT community.

These include: encouraging gay men to feel they are victims which creates a “learned helplessness” and a vicious circle of self-oppression, an unhealthy obsession with the underdog, while for anyone who has a different point of view there are accusations of stigma and shaming – both of which are “weaponised”.

Twitter is described as a “bit of a cesspool” and there is the suggestion that people who spend more time doing things in the real world (creative, practical and physical activities) are less likely to believe that “reality is a social construct”.

Videos like this one give an insight into why many of the claims and policies that we see in relation to PrEP and gay health at the moment seem completely bizarre.

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