Are PrEP campaigners spoilt brats?

By | 12th November 2018

“I want PrEP now”, oh dear oh dear…

I Want PrEP Now

Many of us grew up being told “I want never gets”. That we should make the most of what we already have. But we seem to see the complete opposite from many of the PrEP campaigners. The people’s princesses versus the NHS.

On Twitter, or in the comment threads under articles, these easily-triggered social justice warriors can be seen having a temper tantrum. Telling people to F off just because they had the cheek to express a different view in public and often quite politely. Some of these infants represent organisations that had a good reputation once upon a time.

We wonder… Are these the badly-behaved toddlers that we began to see everywhere, 25 years ago? Mummy never telling them to stop. Always getting everything they screamed for…

They should remember that that many in the upper echelons at Public Health England will be OUR generation, not theirs. People like us, who aren’t impressed by adults who act like demanding, irresponsible brats. 

I Want PrEP Now

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