Are we “rolling out” widespread drug resistance?

By | 10th August 2017

HIV “professionals” will always site “studies” that “PrEP works”. However a small trial of 500 patients (codeword for barebacker/bugchaser) is very different than the mass roll out of PrEP for every gay man to have a “choice” in his HIV prevention “toolshed”. HIV is an ever mutating disease and although drug resistance is now “rare” it is only a matter of time that this will become more and more common. PrEP is not like the contraceptive pill. Here at GMAP we consider it similar to antibiotic resistance. You wouldn’t pump a barebacker full of antibiotics to stop them getting gonorrhea. You would advocate condom use, counselling to stop the patient self harming.

PrEP and Drug Resistance: Cause for Concern?

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