World Health Organisation (WHO) confirms three cases of gonorrhoea where antibiotics were ineffective

By | 7th July 2017

Bareback enthusiasts complain about wearing a condom for anal sex. But a world where we always need to use them for oral sex too could be just around the corner.

The Guardian

The World Health Organization has warned of a ‘very serious situation’ after confirming three known cases of gonorrhoea where all antibiotics were ineffective, The Guardian reports

To quote the NHS: “gonorrhoea is easily passed between people through: unprotected vaginal, oral or anal sex” and 1 in 10 infected men show no symptoms.

If this type of gonorrhoea became widespread we would be taken back to the pre-World War Two days before penicillin. When the only option was primitive treatments that were difficult, painful and took a long time.

Condoms are effective against gonorrhoea.

Since we started GMAP we have been warning that any great roll-out of PrEP could fuel a further decline in condom use. And we have criticised the way some of the gay (ill)health organisations have failed to promote condoms adequately over the last 15 years.

Responsibility for treatment for sexual health has been passed to local authorities in the UK recently and there are concerns that cuts to local spending will hit these services. For example we understand that in the Newcastle area there is now no free condom scheme for gay men. The first time in more than 20 years. This destroys the good work that was done and the success we had encouraging condom use in the 1980s.

The gay health organisations demand PrEP, ignore the offical medical advice that it should be used with a condom and tell young gay men that being a “slut” can be shame and stigma free and without consequences. Meanwhile a serious situation is developing which could hit these men very badly in years to come.

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