Prepsters are dictatorial, intolerant neoliberals

By | 24th February 2017

Any criticism of the PrEP and bareback agenda tends to be met with predictable soundbite claims (and “Tweets” of course) that the source is the “alt right.” It’s a popular current smear to try and discredit anyone who disagrees.

The prepsters and (ill)health unprofessionals in the gay organisations have the sort of insufferable, self-righteousness and downright deluded attitude that has made so many people (both left and right) question political correctness and the motives of such people. However their shallow shouty tactics are becoming much less effective.

There is an enormous problem these days with so-called charities and “non profit” organisations. The fact there is no profit doesn’t mean there is no personal benefit for numerous individuals.

The days when people worked selflessly for little, or even no, money from rundown offices or a portacabin, because they believed in the cause, are long gone. Now there is great sense of entitlement and self-righteousness: “I am doing good for everyone so I deserve the best.”

It’s about career building and personal publicity. Perhaps there are perks we can’t see.

Some of the unpaid volunteers are themselves victims of these paid employees. Taken advantage of. Though some are also in it for personal recognition or perhaps in the hope of a job on the charity gravy train further down the line.

It’s about empire building. The more “problems” this crowd can identify, the more public funding they can suck in, the more secure their jobs and the more of their friends they can employ.

Some of these organisations have full-time employees who spend their days applying for public money. Dodgy surveys are done, with the results skewed to show supposed needs and problems that urgently need NHS or local authority money. Taking that away from essential services such as libraries.

By distorting the truth, exaggerating how many of us are mental cases, chemsex drug users or so hopeless (a traditional gay male stereotype) that we “struggle with condoms,” they bring all of us who are LGBT into disrepute and whittle away at the goodwill we have created in society over the last three decades.

But perversely their own policies do create more problems and tragedy. Take the gay man who fails to use a condoms due to insipid safer sex campaigns over the last 15 years and the failure to stigmatise barebacking. He becomes HIV+ and then “troubled.” Continues barebacking, spreading STIs to the detriment of the whole gay community and an ongoing huge cost to society for HIV meds and a familiar face and financial burden at the local hospital GUM department.

Meanwhile sometimes a blind eye is turned to the real issues if there is a conflict with profits for “pals.” Examples being the bareback porn industry and the alcohol driven gay scene which drives a huge number of HIV infections.

If these organisations actually solved problems that would mean less money and fewer jobs. So perversely they have a vested interest in doing the opposite.

Nor do they want the answer to be simple, inexpensive solutions such as condoms or commonsense advice about sex. That would be much too easy, with too few career opportunities and funding.

So brainstorming sessions in the office come up with ever-more ridiculous supposedly safer-sex strategies involving stigma, undetectable HIV+ gay men and really quite evil distortions and half-truths about condoms.

Due to political correctness many gay men who are HIV+ have been able to get into paid jobs in gay health organisations. Some have always hated condoms – it’s the reason they ended up HIV+. They are massively over-represented as nationally only a few percent of gay men are positive.

These bareback fans are now are in the insidious position of supposedly providing solid safer sex advice to negative gay men when personally they don’t want condom use to be widespread. Their no-condom agenda has been clear in so much of their output over the last decade.

They are a cuckoo in the nest. Fifth columnists.

Look at what they are doing and ask yourself are these people on the left?

* Persuading young gay men that it’s a good idea to take strong drugs (PrEP). With potentially huge costs for the NHS but enormous profits for drug companies.

* Largely ignoring questions about what the future health implications will be for those gay men 20 or 30 years from now. They don’t care because they won’t be around to answer then.

* Posh offices in central locations.

* Propaganda magazines in addition to the same propaganda in the gay media, thanks to their friends the journalists and publishers (many of whom are again HIV+ and bareback advocates). Some pals are n the mainstream media.

* Failing to condemn behaviour such as “chemsex” and barebacking both of which could devastate the gay community in coming years with another health crisis if resistant strains of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections emerge and drug use spreads.

* Complicated, poorly-thought-out but PC strategies which suck up public money. Creating problems elsewhere in the NHS and in local authority services.

* Complete intolerance of different opinions or criticism. With organised mobs of shrill trolls ready to destroy and make life a total misery for anyone who is concerned and speaks up.

Are they on the left? We think not. They are manipulative, selfish neoliberals and some might go as far as to say neoliberal fascists.

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