Gay Men have great sex with condoms!

By | 22nd December 2017

A favourite hobby horse of the bareback promoting gay (ill) health organisations is that for the past 30 years gay men have been unable to have great sex due to the spectre of HIV. We are all suffering from the fear and anxiety of sex and the condom is a cruel triggering reminder of a disease that could kill us. They are ramping up the fear and anxiety of HIV yet at the same time want us fight the stigma of the HIV virus. It makes no sense (as always).

They will wheel out some PrEP user who miraculously had his fear and anxiety of HIV removed by taking a blue pill. Condoms simply aren’t good enough for your protection and sexual well being, you have to be liberated from them, they are a sign of repression. They have pinched this idea (they have few of their own) from the black men of Africa who saw condom use as the whites oppressing their sexual pleasure and controlling their race.

It is quite evil of these condom hating barebackers to do this to the gay community. From their perspective sex without a condom is the only sex that is worthwhile and ejaculating into your partner is the sign of intimacy and the only pleasure that can be fulfilling. In the bareback cesspools they inhabit it’s called “breeding” and “seeding”. How superficial and heteronormative.

However most gay men don’t think like that, as this survey shows we are having great gay sex better than straight people. It is only the selfish bareback obsessed mentally ill self abuser and abuser of others that are living in fear and anxiety of sex as they have fetishized “condomless” sex and disease spreading as a coping strategy for their destructive addictive behaviour.

Don’t listen to these individuals who have twisted the safe sex agenda against the condom and their claims no one likes them and they are less effective than PrEP. That is an evil lie as they want you to join them in the bareback cesspool of disease and depravity and normalise unprotected sex.

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